Nikita Krylov is released from the UFC

Ranked light heavyweight Nikita Krylov released from UFC contract

The UFC light heavyweight division is down another man after Nikita Krylov was released from his contract with the organization this month.

Krylov (21-5 MMA, 9-3 UFC), a nine-fight veteran of the promotion, was let go in the wake of his most recent fight, a first-round submission loss to Misha Cirkunov at UFC 206 in December.

UFC official confirmed Krylov’s release to MMAjunkie. He was removed from the latest version of the UFC official rankings on the promotion’s website.

Before losing to Cirkunov Krylov was riding a 5 fight winning streak..

Wow. That's surprising. He was one of the few promising young LHWs

LHW has turned into a joke. Only 3 fighters left in the divison with no gatekeepers or up and comers

so which UFC nut, fired him?

touch -

Before losing to Cirkunov Krylov was riding a 5 fight winning streak..

all finishes, no DEC

A lot of things don't make sense lately

Worst div in UFC history, jones destroyed everybody LHW and it still hasn't recovered 

JoseyWales - A lot of things don't make sense lately


It really hit my head when they let Misha Cirkunov (sp?) go. It seems like we're in store for a new age of teh UFC and things will be drastically different.

That is a mistake on the UFC's part


No need for prospects apparently in a division of aging veterans.

Wow, I have been following his fights. Fuck that.

dude always brought it.. UFightCheap strikes again. 

UFC is bleeding out slowly. At least Coker knows what's up and Bellator is benefitting from their huge mistakes.

I seriously wonder if Dana wants them to fail so he can buy the thing himself for $200 mill in 5 years.

Wow, that's gotta put some of the fighters on edge! If you can go 5-1 in your last 6 with 5 finishes and still be cut, then where does that leave everyone else? They let other well known fighters go due to contract/money issues, but this isn't like that, right?

Fucking stupid. Hey Scott, your rival is fucking up left and right getting rid of prospects.  Pick him up. 

Terrible, terrible decision. They just gonna do away with LHW?

cirkunov and krylov both gone? Dafuq?

LOL WTF? They cut Russian Al Capone? This is seriously the dumbest fucking thing.

More dumb moves from WME.