no nothing clerk at gnc story

so i go into gnc last week to pick up a few protein bars for lunch. theres this skinny kid in there looking at creatine. he asks the clerk if it will make him "big". she proceeds to tell him creatine is for cuts and definition. if he wants to get big he needs protein powder.(gnc brand of course) skinny kid says i have enough cuts already, i need size. my buddy went on creatine and gained 10 lbs! clerk states again that it is to bring out the def in your muscles. kid sighs and leaves. do they teach these clerks even the basics? at least vit world has a supplement index for their nonothing clerks!!!!!

No real surprise....

Speaking only about the GNCs in my area, the clerks don't
even seem to work out. They are usually chubby middle-
aged women or thin, nervous guys with greasy hair. On
more than one occasion they've asked about the supplement
I was buying and what it does. I think it's just a mall job for

You are crazy if you take someones advice just because they work at GNC.

Even further, you are crazy if you are buying a supplement without researching it thoroughly before hand.

"you are crazy if you are buying a supplement without researching it thoroughly before hand"

agreed completely

the town where I went to college had a GNC. I feared that they would have a bunch of don't-know-anything about their stuff, but was surprised when most of the employees did know stuff. In fact the manager and some employees were busted for selling anabols rofl...I guess they really know what works sometimes.
Vit World is not bad either, well while most of the employees are older, they seem to know their holistic stuff, there are a couple hot yobos that seem to be hustling the most in gettin sales from the heavy flow of nihonjin that frequent their location.

I remember when GNC stopped selling prohormones when there was the big "andro" controversy. Then their sales went down 10 %. Now, their display cases are full of the stuff.

ttt 4 retard clerk stories!

i notice some gnc or musclemag stores the hotties try to flirt with you to get you to buy stuff...:P

LMAO @ notion that GNC clerks = Knowledge of Physical Culture world .

NONE and i MEAN NONE that i have seen were even remotely in any appearance that they could even do a single push up !!!!

On the plus side,

We have one clerk that works, a chick, who's in excellent shape, knows tons about almost everything they sell in the store. I have never received anything but the best advice, and she's super friendly.

On the other hand,

There is this old lady who took 45 minutes to process a sale with my friend's coupon. Swear to god, 45 minutes, because she didn't know how to reverse a mistake she made. We would have been mad if she didn't make a 25 dollar error in our favor that she neglected to undo.


I was in GNC yesterday, man you should've seen the clerks bewbies falling out of her shirt all over the counter. Incredible. I wanted to stay and chat, but she seemed really dumb so I just stared a bit and then left.


Legion has caught the correct :)




we also have the typical blonde w/tig ol' bitties working at the GNC here in town. She seems to know a little, but not much. On the other hand, there's a muslim girl that works in the store and she has some pretty good working knowledge of the products.

Our local one has 1 guy who knows his stuff. And it is obvious that he works out. If I walk in, I ask for him. If he ain't there, I say thanks and walk right back out. Bet that pisses off the rest of them!