No shocker: Dana White beefing with Ngannou's manager over Lewis/Gane booking

Check out the back and forth between the UFC Prez and the champion’s CAA representation after yesterday’s interim heavyweight title fight news.

Dana won’t release any calls or emails or texts because I am sure they won’t help his cause, Dana is being the douchebag dictator like always.

But this guy will be blackballed now for speaking the truth.

Ngannou’s manager appears to be a self-serving twat and/or a teenage girl based in his responses. I wouldn’t trust my career to someone so stupid.

It’s a bold strategy. Let’s see how it works out.


Did we really need another thread on this?


I used to say that a chimpanzee could have done Dana’s job because the product sold itself but I was wrong, a chimp wouldn’t have fucked over the fighters to increase the margins nearly as well as Dana has over the years.

The UFC rankings and titles mean nothing anymore.

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In what way?

He at least seemed to be mostly respectful…especially compared to Dana who offered a predictably immature response.

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Dana wants Lewis to fight in his home town for a scheduled event and Ngannou isn’t ready so they are going to make the interim title to sweeten the pot for that event.


Surely Ngannou gets it. Aint dutch said it best - the UFC needed a main event and it makes a big money fight for Francis when he is ready to unify the titles.

Him and his manager are being dumb cunts making a scene about it