no tolerance for racism!

makes me sick! What else are you going to do with weak minded people though?

wtf are you talking about?

I agree with you on that one, but where did that come from ?

If it makes you feel any better, I hate whitey!

ttt for derek vinyard. One of his buddies won his fight last night.

I guess the LEGEND was a victim of a hate crime the other night. He tells me he was assaulted and robbed in southside the other night by a group of skinheads.
I will let him post the whole story so you can get it first hand from him.

and by post the story i mean, I am trolling.

thread was posted for some racist, wannabe "fighter" that lurks here. He is a weak minded individual who demonstrates his lack of intelligence by not being able to think for himself or make his own decisions. He is a big piece of shit!

and he mugged you in southside?

does he fight for anything? money? clothing? shelter?

LOL, Food. Hope its not only when he wins, because then he'd be starving.

Just when everyone else is making themselves look like jackasses whitey has to go beat up someone.

lucky windmill punch is what I heard. He should change his name to "will fight for cock"

No offense or disrespect LM, but if Skip's fighters have this type of shit going on their pages, they should remember that they also represent No Mercy and Skip Hall.  I've met both you and Skip and doubt you'd appreciate being associated with this garbage. 


racist IMO

likewise - the garbage that Leif spouts - and only to me/Skip and his team, reflects on Chris and Spartan Fitness?  I think not.  I don't tell anyone what they should do or how they should act outside my presence.  You don't like him - fine.  I don't like Leif - but you do and seem to find his humor funny.  To each his own.  I'm not going to get into this pissing contest.  ;-)

later, ma 

pissing contest to begin in 3...2...1

I think Leif is a fag! ALL i know is that if I have a page that says Spartan Fitness and a picture of me clubbing baby seals, then he may not want to be associated with me.

I meant no disrespect to you LM, but Jamie North is a racist faggit and I will not support any show he is on. That includes my entire, entourage.

I'm not racist, I hate everybody equally!