Nogi Worlds!!!!

Hey guys just wanted to get a thread going listing the forum members competing next sunday. Can we get those that are to throw in their division as well..Ill start...

Senior 1 Purple Leve (light)
Senior 1 Purple Absolute

Lets see who is walking the walk this year!!! I saw forumnewb on the list bringing that 10th planet heat!!

let's see how many medals, if any, 10th Planet can win this time around since they are so revolutionary with their no gi training...

Im not a 10th planet supporter but at least he is putting it on the line, Ill give Ian (forumnewb) props for that.

But I didnt start the thread for that, I wanted to see who is going from the forum... Anyone??? Bueller???

 I will be there..Blue Adulto Super Pesado and absolute

I wish I could....

Signed up to go... Senior1 Blue Leve and Absolute, but some unfortunate events are not going to allow me to attend! Very disappointed...

I was really wanting to compete at this one, but a pinched nerve which sidelined me for almost 2 weeks.... followed by a nasty cold... leaves me out of shape with no time to train or be ready for this big of a tournament.

Good luck to all those who can actually make it this year.

oh my bad... I was going to post but apparently this is the excuses why your not going to the no gi worlds thread...

LOL Oh yeah... I'm looped out on cold medicine right now.

Forgive me.

Masters 1, Blue Belt Mediao and Absolute.

Really looking forward to this. Should be really fun.

keep em comming guys..

I was sick for most of October and I also couldn’t really train for this. Good luck to those competing.

Its going to be a great tournament. The blackbelt divisions – while obviously not having the same depth as the ADCC 2009 divisions – are pretty solid. Here are my quick picks:

Rooster-Pablo Teixeira
Light Feather-Caio Terra
Feather-Rob Di Censo
Light-Lucas Lepri
Middle-Daniel Moraes *(toughest division)
Middle-Heavy-Otavio Souza
Heavy-Bruno Bastos
Super Heavy-?
Ultra Heavy-?

I'll be there. Flying over on Friday.

Purple Adult Leve! Bringing the heat from the UK. ^_^

Take care,


I was registered for Senior 1 purple light. I was unable to compete today. I hope you did well bgup619

We missed you bro.. I took second losing 2-0 in the final..

bgup619 - We missed you bro.. I took second losing 2-0 in the final..


 Such a fun day!! Lots of sick jj..tons of pics forthcoming...

CJJScout - 
bgup619 - We missed you bro.. I took second losing 2-0 in the final..


Thanks Im pretty happy it was my frist comp at purple belt!!


took second in blue masters, peso leve