NY Times: Teen Girls Weightlifting

Don't know if any of you saw this article, but I thought it was great! All about the high school weightlifting program in Florida, and the girls that are participating in it.

Make sure to watch the video, too!


I read an article on them last year when I was in Sarasota. It's really great to see them kicking some ass and moving a great sport forward.


I had a patient a few months ago - 16 y/o girl, she'd had a rollover MVA and gotten a nasty concussion, and her parents wanted to make sure she coiuld handle going back to school.

She was on her HS girl's powerlifting team, and she put up pretty respectable numbers for a tiny little thing (couldn't have weighed more than 100 lbs.). I had no idea high schools in MS had such things.

She was also ridiculously cute, most of the male patients in the clinic just stared at her and drooled as she walked the hallways :-/

Ted B, I'm going to start seriously hating you if I hear any more stories from you about cute girls! :-p

Ring Girl, cool article! Thanks for posting it.

Krista Scott Dixon had a great story in her blog about a pre-teen powerlifter: http://stumptuous.com/cms/displayarticle.php?aid=60


Supervised training is infinitely better then the range of adults doing ridiculous stuff in the gyms I see...

My little bro has his PE teacher give him flak for his weightlifting at our club! He will almost certainly lift the most in any lift regardless of the OLifts and he is one of the fastest in his year! He weighs the least also.