Official Clarissa Shields hypetrain thread! All aboard!

So she can drop from 55 to 45. There is still little talent at 45, its the worst division in MMA. WHere she is now, 55, is just something PFL invented basically. UFC, Bellator, Invicta, ONE and RIZIN don’t have a WLW division. Can she cut to BW is the question.

Agreed…still more talent than 155

Spill the beans

I think her brother sucker punched some old guy at a weigh in

I remember that, but she didnt have anything to do with it other than saying she didnt see it or know what happened.



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Agreed. I was particularly impressed that all that bottom time didn’t gas her out. She obviously has more than legit power and, in WMMA, she won’t need to be as good as a man would at TDD to thrive. I was impressed.

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Harrison can make ‘45 and will be in the ufc very soon. Her contract is up.

If you are gonna get in a fan thread and say somebody is trash you need to have the balls to post why you think that or shut the fuck up about it.

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She needs a lot of work and I am shocked she went in there with someone with so much experience.

I’ve always been a fan of her boxing career and I’d love to see her brought along slowly so she can develop more.

So a few guys here were hating on her as a person, then they went silent on reasons why, just haters?

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I’m just gonna leave this here…lol at the cast of characters

What “cast of characters” do you mean? And what does any of that have to do with Clarissa and what kind of person she is?

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I thought she looked like complete dog crap considering she’s the “gwoat” and she fought a total can and almost lost.

I hope I am not assuming something that isnt true about you, if I am I apologize in advance. I assume you are not a huge boxing fan? I follow a shitload of boxing pages on instagram. She constantly “claps back” at any and all criticism fans have, and is constantly a cunt about it. Challenging fans to fights if they dare disagree and say she isnt the gwoat or whatever. I dont sit there and screenshot shit but maybe someone else has or will. She is a low IQ chick who can throw her hands well. I won’t say she can’t fight because she clearly can, but she is an asshole.

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Nah I said as much I dont know this person I wanna know the story and nobody was spillin.

I dont have a dog in this race I wanna know and if people are gonna say something like that they need to spill.

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Was it MMA or Boxing?


I’ve seen the so called fans talking shit about her. So yea she gets back at them. They have a right to talk shit and she has a right to respond.


Agreed. I am saying some will just say shit like “I got amanda serrano #1 p4p” only to be called a pussy ass bitch for their troubles.

Its all fair game,but I am allowed to call a cunt a cunt.

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People forget her opponent had 9-10 more fights than Shields who had only 0. Props to her for coming back and winning

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