Official. GSP will fight Bisping

Ariel Helwani just reported that Dana announced this officially. No date yet. 


Sorry if thread has had already been made. Didn't see another yet

Press conference for this fight being held on Friday in Vegas. 

Seems desperate

I know a lot of people hate it, but I love this fight. Very interested to see how GSP looks after all the time off.

I'm a big GSP fan, but it bugs me that he was makig excuses why he couldn't move up and fight Silva back when Anderson was champ, but he has no problem taking the Bisping fight now. He couldn't be that much bigger now since he's been claiming he can make 155 too. Excited to see him return either way.

Mike building quite the resume

Mike is going to be a good bit larger in there. I think he can do this.

Why is mike picking on a semi retired Welterweight?

That's Romero and Maia both fucked out of deserved title shots lol. GOTTA SELL THOSE TICKETS FIRST lol

Bisping is way bigger than the GOAT. I'm not sure GSP can pull this off. 

It's shitty on Yoel but I do like the fight 

Faber, Henderson, Conor, Ronda and Woodley all just got title shots without being the most deserving contender, just add GSP to the list.

Fuck the titles if they don't want to give title shots based on recent wins and loses in the division.

If that the road they want to go then fuck the belts, they don't mean anything.

Just enjoy the fights.

Happy for Bisping.  He gets his money fight.  

WAT GSP though.  

If he finishes Bisping it will be a top 3 MMA moment for me.  Right behind Big Nog/Sapp and Big Nog/Crocop.

If GSP wins, then what, staying at 185? 

Love GSP but this is a complete joke. On the last MMAHour Luke Thomas laughed outloud and mentioned if GSP wins is he supposed to fight Yoel next? RIP. 

This is a fight that GSP can win.

And, yeah, the "Soldier of God" has got to be pissed. Bisping, on the other hand, has to be thrilled.

Bisping vs. Romero headlining a PPV card = 350,000 to 400,000 buys, maybe.

Bisping vs. GSP headlining a card = 900,000 buys or so.

Love GSP guy is my hero but Bisping is so much bigger and has been active.

Would have preferred the Nick Diaz fight but fuck it, WAR GEORGES

Lick Brown Boners -

Love GSP but this is a complete joke. On the last MMAHour Luke Thomas laughed outloud and mentioned if GSP wins is he supposed to fight Yoel next? RIP. 

Ever see a gorilla fuck a toddler?

Would you like to?

So who do you think gets the next shot against Miocic, Chuck or Randy?

Shit I will undoubtedly watch it
Can't help but feel it sucks that GSP didn't move up when Silva was king but he believes he can versus Bisping. Shows just how incredible Silva was during his reign.

Also if he actually wins wtf happens in the MW division?!
Do they make Silva vs GSP finally and have the spider leapfrog up to sadly at this moment a completely undeserved title shot?
Does GSP even stay at MW?! He is going to be fucking tiny against guys like Luke/Chris/Yoel/Jacare
Does Yoel get the next shot and basically dwarf GSP and embarrass him?
If he loses
Do they make GSP vs Hendricks at 85?
Does he go back to 70 and get another title shot if Tyrone wins?(hey its happened before lose a title shot get another one right away in another division)

The scenarios are all crazy to me.