Official Petition - Get Baroni on MAIN CARD ! ! !

Baroni does not deserve prelim bull shit....Get him on the main card god damn it !!! NYBA posts here for Christ's sake!




Does anyone know what the deal is with the prelims now, like if we're going to get them with every event?

If so, this is bound to be the 'main event of the prelims'


I'm down with this petition!



Baroni is awful...worse than trigg.

if coleman can be on the undercard, so can baroni...

 NYBA on Main Card..signed

Having him on the undercard would be the worst mistake EVA

they need to air the prelims live on Spike

that should be the petition

The whole card is so stacked, the prelims would be much appreciated!


Fucking signed!!! This is bullshit, the main card looks like at least four decisions, if I don't get to see the Baroni fight I'm going to start cutting myself. 

 this fight is probably going to end in the first round and its going to be exciting

dont see why it shouldnt be at least the swing bout



Not Signed.

 first davis saunders

Signed. I wanna see his damn entrance too.

lcarus - NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does he deserve it?

Just because a fighter posts here doesnt turn them into some mma god

I agree sir. Nobody has a petition here for the many fighters that beat him.