***Official Release*** Clinchin' 2

Official Release Notice

The much awaited follow up to the Singer Brothers ground breaking "Clinch for the Street" is now available for immediate release.

Due to the overwhelming success of the prerelease sale all pre-orders are now shipping in the order in which they were received.

Clinchin' 2

The All New

"Electric Boogaloo"

With both Live Seminar Footage and "To The Camera" instruction this DVD set has something for everyone. Adam Singer, Paul Sharp, and Rory Singer will show you:

  • The Fundamental Five for the Clinch
  • Takedown Defense for Non Wrestlers (including the Hip of Doom)
  • Five Methods for Setting Up the Double Leg for the Genetically Disadvantaged
  • Striking from the Clinch
  • The Thai Clinch for MMA
  • Wrestling Counters to the Thai Clinch
  • Clinch "Play by Play" Analysis
  • The Russian Armbar
  • The Head Peel
  • The Bump and Run
  • The High Dive
  • The Lazy Man's Salto
  • The Spiral Ride
  • And Much Much More!!!

Taking full advantage of DVD technology this set has full menus and is loaded with Extras.

Running Time approx. 4 hours / 3 DVDs

DVD Prerelease Price $75

S/H $7

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Well..that all sounds great, but does it teach any of the following:



pops and locks out of thread




TTT for an awesome DVD. Adam and Paul had some great info and the seminar was a lot of fun!!


Got mine on friday the 10th. An insane amout of info on these DVD's. Well worth the $.

Thanks Ronin! Would you mind telling me when you purchased the DVDs. Seems as though you got it fairly quickly. Pretty good customer service, huh bro? :)

Enjoy the material.



Glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase. Now go tell your friends.


I will put something together for you Rory and email it. Aaron, Yes I received the DVD's in record time. I watched all three now and want to go through them again and put toegther a review. I also have Hardcore Training and Clinch for the Street and will reference back to them in the review.

After watching the third DVD (seminar), I will give Adam even more credit on his explanations... some things that I was never aware of he hit on (sprawling, single leg defense) that were really good.

I know Aaron wanted to know if I liked how the DVDs were put together... They were done professionally and I liked the chapter breaks in the extras section. Made it easy to navigate and find the material or things I wanted to see again. A couple of the outtakes are priceless and were a nice touch on the DVDs.



Could be.... ;)

Rory, I bought them back in November.

Is Clinchin' 2 the 2nd in a series that starts with Clinch for the Street, or is it a complete redo?


It is a completely separate instructional. Not much overlap between the two. If you have the first then you will definitely enjoy this new one. The first still has a lot to offer as well but this is definitely a must have.

Looks like a good series.

Good luck with it.

Thanks bjjtapes.

From the UG posted by Charles McCarthy:

"I have trained a lot with them and with Forrest at the hardcore gym in athens. I can do nothing but sing their praises. Adam is not a fighter, he is the coach. He is the best guy in the gym but he dedicates his time to getting his guys ready. Rory is an excellant NHB fighter and is on a great win streak. I feel he is about to make some huge waves and is on the fast track to the big show. He has great standup and clinch work along with very good jitz. Forrest is right along side Rory in terms of skills and is an amazing athlete to boot. He was a contestent on the UFC reality show and while I dont know the results, I think he has to be one of the favorites to win the whole thing. Combined they make one of the greatest forces in the southern usa. Anything these guys put their name on will be worth it."