Ohio Fighting Alliance 3

O.K. people here we go. The Ohio Fighting Alliance is having the 3rd installment of Cage Fighting action on January 31, 2004 In Mansfield Ohio at the Malabar Middle School. Fights will start at 6:30pm. We are thinking maybe a four man middleweight tournament to crown the first O.F.A. Middleweight Champion. This will be an amatuer event but travel money will be given to out of towners. Anyone interested in fighting should contact me at (scottyp@main-net.com)(937)206-5148 or go to my web site and hit the contact button www.havocfightgear.com



We are starting the fights early so that people can still watch the UFC . Also It is not for sure yet but, we are trying to get the local sports bar to get the PPV of the UFC for the after party. I will keep everyone updated on this!!!!!!!!!!!


Angelo get in touch with me..............

Is it amatuer or pro?

Amatuer,it is in Ohio.




do you know justin villella? i think he fights for your show. i was wondering how he's doing. he fought carlos moreno this past weekend at ring of combat and he showed a lot of heart.

Got room for me i have a couple fights scheduled around that time frame but I am interested.
Brion Peoples

Sweet! Hopefully I will be competing.

Yes Brion drop me a line. scottyp@main-net.com or (937)206-5148.

Yes siouxNYC Justin Villella is the OFA Champ. I have not heard from him yet and have no idea how he is doing. Hope he is OK.ttt

I'am also interested this is Braden Workman I fought in your last show but would like to again

Fighters if you get the chance this is the best show in ohio probably in the midwest the competitions stiff but its run by a great promoter who really takes care of his fighters

TTT for Brion Peoples your the man bro

Braden you are allways welcome. Get in touch with me and we will talk. Also Thanks Bro'for the kind words. We are trying our best, to be the best in the game.............

If Your lookin for a 220 lb'er with little experience. I'm your guy, I'm 2-2 @ HHCF & CITC shows.

email me at cbcurtis@adelphia.net

Brion email me too!! Even if i'm not fighting I'll see ya there!

Thanks Braden.no your the man not many people have armbarred me like you did in practice the other day much props. Scott and Chris I will email you later on this evening