OK... I'm starting tonight!!!

I'm starting Taku's intervals on my versaclimber tonight.

I'm 191 lbs right now. Let's see how this works.

Question, am I supposed to do intervals everyday or every other?

Way to go.

Taku's advice in the past read something like "Between one and five times a week", I believe.

If you're reasonably fit I'd start with every other day and build up if you feel up to it.

Stick with it, and keep us posted.



Every other day it is.


well I managed to do 2x90sec on my 1st day.

It's going to take me a while to just complete phase 1. lol

haha, yeah thats exactly what I did my first day on the versaclimber. I'm doing the sprints right now and maybe I'll one day work up to doing the intervals on the versaclimber.

You only think that - your body adapts really quick. You be on the UG in a few bitching what is there to do after level 4 is mastered! :)

Not a bad place to be you'll agree.

Also versaclimber for me is by way the hardest place to do the taku intervals

did another 2x90 last night. I'm sore today.

My lats are killin me. It hurts when I raise my hand.

Unless you are puking or shitting yourself, there's no reason you can't finish the Intervals. Even if you are going slow (like 30 feet per minute) STAY ON THE VERSACLIMBER and finish the intervals.

Trust me, this is more of a mental thing than anything else. I've worked with enough clients who told me they were going to die at the end of the second set and I refused to let them get off the machine. Sure enough, after a few more sessions they were starting to jam through the entire workout.

Remember to slow down (but keep moving) for the rest interval. A lot of people keep trying to crank it out, but you need to take that time to lower your heart rate, slow your breathing down, and flush that burn out of your muscles.

Even if you do it slowly, try to finish the entire phase for your next workout. Let me know how it goes.


Ok Scrap, but I'm warning you. I'm going to die.

It's on you. ;)

pours out some brew in memory of SS1

Where can a beginner get info on Taku intervals? Is it an instructional that you have to buy?

EM, go to Scrapper's site, www(dot)trainforstrength(dot)com

Just renewed my pro-membership let's see if this works.

Taku link

Thanks shinken

No problem, I hope it helps:-)

That's what I did when I started. It burns like a motherfucker but I stuck through it and did the intervals anyway. Just stay patient. After a few weeks I was much more defined due to fat loss, and my endurance and explosiveness skyrocketed. Very good conditioning.

Great tips Scrapper. Thanx. I'm starting the routine tomorrow night with an elliptical machine. Unfortunately I don't have access to a versaclimber.


Dude, I did two very abbreviated T.I. sessions on my first two days... and could hardly walk for a week. 

After the first time I completed an entire session, it took 10 minutes for my legs to stop shaking. 

I started with 2x weekly and worked up to 3x weekly. Give yourself at least 1 day off in between.  After a month, you will be a new man.

"Taku's advice in the past read something like 'Between one and five times a week', I believe."

I thought the program was set for 5 or 6 a week. Are you supposed to work up to that many periods for two weeks or perform every other day and continue on to the next phase?