Oleg Taktarov in National Treasure

It's true! Oleg plays a very small part as one of Sean Bean's henchmen in National Treasure with Nicholas Cage.

Does he get cut

Oleg's new job is acting.  He's been in a lot of movies and made for t.v. movies as well.  It's his new money maker.  He's really not that bad of an actor either. 

Good for him, those were his dreams when he first came to the US and now he is living them. Props to him.

Hopefully hell get more big parts ala 15 minutes

I thought he looked familiar, but i thought i was just recognizing him from his role as Josef in Bad Boys 2

He was also in Bad Boys 2, anyhow national treasure looks like a exciting movie.

Think about what an amazing life that guy has had. He went from tough training and competing in Russia, to killing people in brutal conditions in Afghanistan, to becoming a UFC champ, to acting in Hollywood. He probably has a sportscar and chicks. All of that and he's not even 40 years old yet!

he was in roller ball

Kansetsuwaza, very true!

"what was the movie he was in where he video taped all the crimes? loved him in that, he was funny as hell."

That movie was "15 seconds", with Robert DeNiro. Oleg was excellent in that role.

He studies at one of the best acting schools in the country! (I'm biased). Expect to see him more and more. He's got quite a bit of sensitivity for such a bad ass. The guy who plays Agent Johnson (Mark Pellegrino) is my teacher, so I have to give it up to him too. We had three people from our school in this flick.


I actually thought the money was quite good. At first when it showed him I was looked at my friend and said that is Oleg Taktarov and he was like who (doesnt watch mma...I swear he is gay...j/k) anyway I was like a guy that fought in UFC. But then alittle bit later it showed him up close I cant remember which part but it showed his face and I was like yep. They also had a bald guy on their that reminded me of a vin diesal on crack.

Oleg was so funny in 15 minutes! I was so suprised at how well he acted in that movie, he's the man!

My wife and I went and saw it with a couple that doesn't follow mma so I told them that that guy was the UFC champ in 1995.

For those loking for Oleg he is in the movie quite a bit but with few lines.When Cage steals the declaration and they have the chase scene where the girl is hanging out of the back of the truck and Cage is trying to get her in the van....Oleg is the driver of that truck

Like Oleg said, "I can do anything."



Oleg played a prison guard in Air Force One.