Olympic Wrestling Trials coming up!

For sure. Dake might be the best wrestler on Earth, including Sadulaev. If anybody was going to take out JB, I’m glad it was someone as great as Dake (even if I don’t really like Dake).

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good tourney kind oif sucks about Cox and Suriano.Cox must have been working extra to lose weight i doubt he missed the time otherwise

Still Pumped for Dake!!!

Didn’t take take him down right off the rip in match 2? Got ruled a 1 because he stayed on his toes (folk style ftw lol)

Damn, did J’den miss weight or not weigh in?

Intermat’s premium content explores what happened pretty thoroughly. Here are the cliffs:

7:21 AM - J’den entered the weigh-in room

8:13 AM - J’den made weight

Witnesses say that J’Den wasn’t struggling to make weight. He was totally calm. J’den says that his coach, Kevin Jackson, who works for USAW, told him it was open longer. At some point after 8am, Jackson runs in telling J’Den that they had to go. So, all the evidence supports what J’Den was saying: Jackson, a USAW employee, gave him bad intel.

Witnesses also say that J’Den didn’t even know that there was a problem. He didn’t know that he “failed to make weight” for another hour or so.

J’Den appealed. He claimed that it didn’t matter that KJ was his coach. KJ is a USAW employee and a USAW employee gave him bad intel. He also suggested some sort of remedy - he asked USAW, for example, to allow him to weigh in at 4:30 PM Friday night (2 hrs before his first match). USAW denied the appeal.

It’s BS. USAW screwed up thoroughly.

Thanks Wiggum. Appreciate your input as always.

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It’s pretty impressive to see that Dake still had the mental toughness to beat JB. Just thinking that JB has beat Dake a couple of times when it mattered (although most wins were by 1 pt), you’d think that Dake would have those thoughts in his head. But Dake showed up hungry and you could see he has been working his butt off. Hopefully he keeps that determination and takes the gold.

I think that Dake has the mental toughness of a true world champion. I also think the time away from JB gave him the chance to realize that he isn’t just the best wrestler in his weight class – he might be the best wrestler on Earth. The confidence of two world titles – without real competition – was likely what he needed to get over the JB hump.

To me, it’s a sign of his confidence that he adopted a defensive gameplan and stuck to it.

To be fair, Dake is getting younger everyday. Maybe he doesn’t even remember losing to JB

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feel bad for Cox they should have let him wrestle