What a story, my god. Finally gets the title shot he's been working toward for a decade, and "pillow fisted" Bisping flatlines the invincible Rockhold!!!

This is top 5 all-time MMA moments for me.



My wife woke up scared from my screaming.

Movie shit right there Phone Post 3.0

Also, of course, old-ass Anderson did a hell of a lot better against Bisping than Rockhold did :P

Bisping is GOAT


First time it's ever got dusty during an mma fight for me.

has bisping been lifting weights?

Was literally sitting there saying this dude is about to get Todd Duffee'd, then out of fucking nowhere bang! Top 5 sports moment in general for me. Holy shit. Phone Post 3.0

Glorious. That was glorious. Phone Post 3.0

lol @ Rockhold's post-fight interview posing like a Playgirl centerfold.



Goat Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit! Phone Post 3.0

I love upsets I love Bisping and man I cannot put into words the feeling once he rocked him... God damn what an amazing fight Phone Post 3.0

Strangely I feel that Anderson isn't done at all and can still compete at the highest level. Perhaps another title run is left in him?

This is the most geeked I've ever seen you orcus, didn't know you were such a Bisping fan lol.


Great stuff though.