One FC announced that the will now have pride rules when it comes to Soccer kicks...

We should call it the arlovski rule!


WhereInTheWorldIsRicardoArona - One FC because it will probably only have one card before going under Phone Post

He says, after they've put on multiple cards... Phone Post


That is great news!!!

Might start more One FC now! Phone Post

Did Pride refs signal first before a fighter can soccer kick a downed opponent? Apparently, Arlovski immediately went and kicked the crawling Sylvia before the OneFC ref signaled that Sylvia can be attacked. That's how it ended in a No Contest.

 OneFC is holding their sixth card in October.  They're not going anywhere.

Awesome. To expect a fighter to stop and wait for the ref's signal suring a finishing sequence is just crazy. You would be seeing way more Arlovski/Sylvia type confusion if they kept it the way it was. Good move.

 This is the best thing about not being shackled by athletic commissions. If there is something that doesn't make sense, you can change it and improve the sport. All the big major sports have changed rules drastically over the years. The state athletic commissions are a straight up failure for MMA.

It isn't full Pride rules without a 10 minute first round.

Greaaaaaat news!

After watching the last event, I was wondering if they would consider a rule change since the event is still young.

I'm really starting to like One FC, the overall presentation was awesome and there was a lot of exciting fights. However, off the top of my head, I can remember 3 fights that ended either awkwardly, controversial and questionable due to their open attack rule.

Looking forward to One FC 6! Phone Post

Love it!!! Would just love to see it in a white ring now Phone Post


 About time.


Cant wait for there next event. I am excite. Phone Post

NotImpressedByYourScreenName - 

I disagree with elbows on the ground. With punches the fighter on top has to make space which gives the guy on bottom an opportunity to get up or attempt a sub. Elbows allow the fighter on top to stall by stayng active with 2 inch elbows and forearm strikes.

Plus elbows don't do much damage but open up cuts which are more trouble than they're worth. Phone Post

I have seen this opinion on elbows posted so many times, but the facts just don't back it up. First of all, cutting and bloodying up your opponents face IS damage, but that's besides the point. Grounded elbows are responsible for more KO's and TKO's than cut stoppages. Cuts from punches, kicks, and knees have caused WAY more doctor stoppages than elbows on the ground. They are a legit tool in MMA and removing them from the rule set would be just as ridiculous as removing grounded knees.

This makes me want to come out of retirement. Phone Post

Pride LIVES!!!!

People will never forget

fuck elbows on the ground. I totally agree with not having them.

we need 4 point knees and soccer kicks.

This gets the action going. no stalling.

elbows are kind of cheap and they often lead to unnecessary cuts

Oh yeah.. Im' definitely gonna be tuning in for these events.

Aoki is gonna be on the next card.

If they change to the white ring.. that would be splendid.

it seems that ONE FC's people read the UG/sherdog and respond to feedback.