One good use for a stability ball

Combat athletes take a beating on a daily basis. Combat sport conditioning programs should not add any further trauma to the combat athlete.

Sprawls in particular is one exercise that can beat up combat athletes if consisently done on hard surfaces as well as performed frequently during conditioning sessions.

Two videos below highlight proper sprwal training. On the first video, professional mixed martial artist, Lamont Lister demos how to get one hip down to the ground by actually turning the hips. This will help avoid single-leg takedowns.

The second video demos how to use a stability to train that combat sport specific skill while avoid contact with a hard surface.

Thanks Daniel for the great variation !

Click here for the videos.

That's a cool drill, I like stability balls too, but not to lift on. I like using them for balance drills, like standing on them.

great drill.

bodyweight squats on the stability ball are awesome. has done wonders in rehabing my groin.

great for knee and hip stabilization too.

there is a youtube vid floating around with Leo Viera and Galvao doing crazy drills on a ball