Ontario Open

Who will be there? Would love to meet some forum mebers.

Lucky for me the 400lb is not competing but there is plenty of very stiff competition even wihtout him.

I should be there -100kg -senior if our team have enough money -VErt et Or of sherbrooke University

Big category. I'm 100+. If you there look for a 6'3ish guy with a beard type of thing going on ither wearing a queens university shirt or kingston judo shirt. Best of luck in any case. I'm going to have a hell of a time there. Waking up at 4:30am to make a completele redundant weight in ( unless i loose a limb or two on my way there ) isn't making it any easier.

i predict kristinn isfeld wins at -81kg

I'm routing for Farid Mobaser cause he's from our team. I predict Bil Thompson will win in my category. Them buggers are tough.

bill wont fight in -100????? tell him to make a diet I wanna fight back with him. I lost in 99 against him

Heh. Yah he was fighting my category. but i gave away an ippon to a guy in my pool so i never fought bill. all in all poor showing from our club. farid didn't make the weight even.

morning all...

i was there yesterday watching and met a forum brother from BC, i spoke with kristin and he came in second, he looked good, but he also said he was there mainly as a coach..

nullmad, you were there? with which club are you with?

KMC Judo. I knew you where there cause i've seen your book at hatashita and told my sensei i know the guy who wrote it from the forum and hatashita guy said you were floating around. My club has like 10 members in it so you wouldn't know it.

Any results for 66kg? One of my friends fought there.

thanks wayland...

I know kristinn hasnt been able to train 100% with a bad shoulder, and a problem with his leg. Hopefully he can get to 100% and be able to train properly for nationals.

I seen a ton of fights but i haven't a clue who was fighting who. Some wicked judo on that day.

nullmad, it is too bad we did not meet, i was hoping to meet more forum people at the tournament, i know yusul sent me an e-mail saying he was going to go, but to be honest, i do not know what everyone looks like, so i was hoping someone would come up to me..where is kmc btw?

connor, kristin was telling me about you and your desire for judo :)

Hopefully the results will be posted on the Judo Ontario website shortly. Billy Thompson did win his division again this year. I had the privilege of refereeing his final match; and he made the job easy :)

Thanks Wayland, I should be going to Fort McMurray for a month
before nationals to train with him, or get tossed around by him :p

You wouldn't happ to be reffing Tony Walby's match with the big bearded guy who got called to the mat while halfway through the match which he's being called for? Lucky for the refs Tony retired. He had this strategy where i couldn't get it for a throw due to a straight arm but i kept eating penalties. I was about to go ape shit on the refs for the one they gave me this time, but didn't. I was justing thinking about it and match lasted about 10 seconds longer and i was enjoying nice view of the cieling. Still pisses me off to have Tony be the only guy i ever give away penalties for non comabt to.


Was Billy at -100 or +100? I still find it hard to believe a fella as talented as Billy hasn't been repping Canada somehow, some way.


Hey, Billy is a four time Canadian National Champ, aye? He has won the U.S. Open, New York Open, beaten Gill, beaten Bagdasorov, etc. etc. He is a total bad ass!

Osae: I agree; Billy's a badass. I don't think he moved to +100 to avoid anyone. He's probably there only because he's just not training. I think Billy Thompson still has the potential to be the best, but it seems like family committments are keeping him away and I can't really blame him. By the way he was wearing a Metro Fight Club T-shirt off the mat.

Nullmad: I can't remember that match, but if you think you got a bad call, let's say it wasn't me :)