opening a gym

Hi folks

Right now, I'm in IT and write software for a living. Outsourcing, offshoring and layoffs have made me think what else I could do to support myself.

I've dumped plenty of money into health clubs over the years. I started wondering how hard would it be to open and run a weightlifting gym? What kind of profit is in it?

Most importantly, can anyone who owns/owned a gym tell me why I don't want to do it?


Where are you planning on opening your gym at?



Somewhere between Cleveland and Canton. The closer to Akron the better.


good luck!

Good luck man.

It will be hard to get profits unless you cater to the mass's.  If  your gym is 'too' hardcore you won't get the % of people that will come.  Cost of quality equipment IS NOT CHEAP.

The OL bars I use cost £500-£1k for the competition bar!  We have about 8-10 of them.  Bumper plates £350 a pair...Depends how much you want to spend on quality though.  You will also gets nuts that will bust your equipment.

Got to advertise and everything.


It's a shame there aren't more hardcore clubs around.