Oscar De La Hoya

While not one of my favorite fighters ever, Oscar definitely always had my respect as a competitor.

The Golden Boy was the only US fighter to win gold at the 1992 Olympics in Bacelona. Oscar was one of the world's very best amateur fighters compiling an outstanding amateur record of 234-6 (163 KOs).

Oscar famously won a gold medal for his mother, who died just before his Olympic birth, of breast cancer. He began is pro career in November of 1992.

Lamar Williams. DLH w by KO rd 1. 11-23-92

Clifford Hicks. DLH w by KO rd 1. 12-12-92

Paris Alexander. ODLH w by TKO Rd 2. 01-03-92

Curtis Strong. DLH w by TKO rd 4. 2-6-93

Jeff Mayweather. DLH w by TKO rd 4. 3-13-93

Mike Grable. ODH w by UD. 4-6-93. Quality is not great. There is a better quality version on youtube in French if you are interested.

Frank Avelar. DLH w by TKO Rd 4. 05-08-93

Troy Dorsey. Oscar wins when Dorsey retires after round 1. Dorsey was a famous kickboxer and martial artist before becoming a boxer. 06-07-93

Renaldo Carter. ODLH w by TKO Rd 6. 8-14-93

He buried his Mother with his Gold medal! Real Champ!

FightToLive - He buried his Mother with his Gold medal! Real Champ!
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Angelo Nunez. ODLH w by ref stoppage on cuts. Rd 4. 8-27-93 Videos do not show the stoppage between rounds. You can find several versions on youtube with the ref waving it off, but the audio is horrible on all of them.

Narciso Valenzuela. Oscar w by KO Rd 1. 10-30-93

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Jimmi Bredahl. Oscar wins by RTD Rd 10. (Wins a WBO alphabet soup belt for his trouble.) 3-5-94

Giorgio Campanella. Oscar wins by TKO rd 3. 5-27-94

Jorge 'The Clown Prince of Boxing' Paez. ODLH w by KO rd 2. 07-29-94

Carl Griffith. Oscar De La Hoya w by TKO Rd 3. 11-18-94

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