Palhares v. Maia (Dana make it happen!)

 This is the BEST matchup possible.  Palhares didn't break a sweat, take a punch, or anything.  Put him in coach!

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Definitely. Palhares should easily be able to take that fight Leben took 2 fights last year with less downtime and they were both tough fights. Won't Dana please think of the children?


 yes this would be awesome

God, i would kiss dick to see this fight.

Chomas - doubt the AC would allow it...

 They've gotten the suspensions chopped down a bunch of other times, so we can hope at least.  


 Dana's lurking.  He knows this is the best option.  Keep every Palhares/Maia thread at the top. 

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Would be epic

 Depends on whether or not he kept the weight down. Would be one hell of a match.

very nice

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 paul harris on fox.....too dangerous.


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 Not sure Dan, the UG servers are on overload right now with this news!  I'm just bumping any thread that will bring this fight to fruition.  

DS, he's seeing a psychologist!!!

Signed but doubt it.

But I'm sure someone would take a fight on less than two weeks notice if it means getting on Fox, ask Palhares, ask Belcher.

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