Partial tear on bicep...

Anything I can take to help it heal? I've been resting & icing it. Just looking to help it move along quicker Phone Post 3.0

Massage, ART, anabolic steroids.

Rouseys mole - Well when my boyfriend fucks my ass he usually years my rectum. The only way for me to heal that is to either 1.) continue doing anal until it's numb or 2.) stop doing anal until it's fixed. Phone Post 3.0
#nohomo Phone Post 3.0

Wth is ART? Phone Post 3.0

baby-silverback - Wth is ART? Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, voted up Phone Post 3.0

How did you hurt your biceps?

Ice, rest - natural
Growth hormone, Peptides, - not so natural Phone Post 3.0