Pat Miletich vs BJ Penn!?

I think this would be a very intriguing fight. Old vs New. Legend vs Prodigy. Pat Miletich was the first ever UFC champ at 170 and I think it would be great to see him get another shot at the title.

Peter P


Who would you guys like to see Penn fight next at 170?

John Marsh, then Lee Murray.

GREAT FIGHT! Militech is still one of the best at 170 and never got a title shot after he KO'd Shonie Carter. He defended his title more then any other champion i think. Penn would have trouble striking with Pat and have problems taking him down. Plus Pats Bjj is slick. I would love to see this fight. Much better fight then him fight Robbie who is still not ready imo.

I also would like to see BJ fight Robbie Lawler, but we have lots of time for that fight to happen. Pat doesn't have much time left and I think Miletich vs Penn would also sell well. Pat was voted by the fans as one of the top 10 legends of the UFC.

Peter P

I am not interested in seeing Miletich fight again. I never forgave him for ruining his fight with Mikey Burnett.

He deserves respect for being one of the greats, but I would rather watch Tank than Pat.

Miletich vs. Penn....then Lawler vs. Penn

Penn vs Lawler

Good match up, though i can only see Lawler getting submitted in the first round..

... and BJ Penn is special. This would remind me in a way of Holmes coming back to fight Tyson.

As latinhunder mentioned Pat is coming off a KO win over Shonie in his last fight at 170. He was scheduled to fight Trigg in WFA before withdrawing from that fight due to an injury. I wasn't expecting there to be an opportunity for Pat to come back and fight for the 170 pound title since it was looking like Hughes was unstoppable. Now that it can happen, make it happen!

Peter P

Actually Miletich is coming off a loss to Matt Lindland @185

Naah, BJ's next fight should be against Lawler for the title. That is the money fight.

HAHAHAHA... this is no good. especially for Penn. if you like to see one sided fights.. sure this is great. but Penn isn't going to glean anything from fighting pat.

too easy.

I'd like to see him fight Lawler.. that'd be good. Pat can't throw and his ground game is nowhere near BJ's.

Robbie, much better idea.

I agree that Lawler may be a tougher fight for BJ, but we have lots of time to make that fight happen. Also Lawler has to beat Diaz first which I'm predicting, but could be a tough fight. There would also be even more of a buildup if Lawler fought Penn after Pat.

Peter P


I think Penn vs Miletich would be one of the best fights ever.


Yes, I would love to see Pat fight BJ for his possible last fight.

Strandman I can't understand your post.

I actually like the idea of Penn vs Miletich. Pat is a very complete fighter, so this could be very exciting match. Both are now very well known top fighter with one being the old and one being the new.