Paul Daley vs. John Alessio (vid)

Pumped for MFC 20...


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JDolo -  man that video hoaster sucks.

hoaster, like toaster?

JDolo -  it was a head kick man.

I think you need to watch it again, man.

One of the best fights they've ever had on HDNet for sure. I am stoked for Daley vs. Thompson

omg who's the Doctor Douche in the middle of that poster?

John was not himself in that fight. He gassed quick, was tentative and literally got owned. I think he may have had a bad weight cut or somin.

Crooklyn - Paul will be on with us tonight:

When you have that doctor on, please ask him if progenex will make me all ripped and sexy like him.

Thanks in advance :)


ttt 4 later

Dr. Connelly invented MET-Rx. If that dude could make sweet love to protein all night long he most assuredly would.

ttt for SEMTEX

nice liver kick.

no excuses Daley was better man that night! what a nice kick... but i was gassed out, i trained hard, it just a bad night, i wish daley didnt grab rope as much as he did, plus he never made weight, at weighin he was 175.5 and came back in an hour he was 176, so not sure if he even tried to make weight, and thats not fair! but he did ring my bell and thats the first time ive been stopped by a tko!! life goes on, hopefully he will rematch me at the weight of 170!!

Hmmm... He just missed weight for this one as well (171.5) and forfeited 25% of his purse. He doesn't seem that big to be missing weight repeatedly at 170.

He's English. We're still getting our heads around this cutting weight malarkey.

lol@'no excuses' followed immediately by three excuses....

Weird he missed weight again.Should be a storming fight though.

going to be an outstanding fight.

 John glad to see you on the UG :)

Welcome to the UG John, gluck in all ur future fights man!

The referee was a little slow in the stoppage. Two too many punches delivered. Referees need to be alert.