Paul Willimas over Margarito

I predict Paul Williams derails the Margarito train on July 14th

I predict you are right. Williams is a beast, I was never too impressed by AM.


Margarito will win the Williams bout to setup a WAR against Cotto!

" I was never too impressed by AM"

Have you seen him fight? He brings it the whole fight and is always fun to watch. He ran through Cintron like he wasn't even there.

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"Have you scene him fight"

seen imo.

Of course I have, I love boxing. You have probably read enough of my posts to know that.

I think he leaves himself wide open way too much.

His activity combined with Williams should be dynamite for sure. I do like to watch him fight, but I do not really believe he is going to compete with the top welters right now. IMO he looked quite mediocre against CLottey, and was well on his way to losing to him until CLottey broke both of his hands in rounds 4 and 5.

Paul Williams on the other hand, really impresses me. The only advantage I give Margarito in this fight is experience.

"Both fighters talked to reporters about the famed sparring session that took place three years ago between the two and each guy gave conflicting accounts as to who got the best of whom. Williams laid claim to damaging Margarito to the body and eye while Margarito stated that Williams refused to continue the session. However, both men agreed that on July 14, they would leave everything in the ring and nothing to chance"

Great point CRE, rumor had it, Williams was the one who really got the better of that - it seems likely as well with the way WIlliams has called out AM for the last year or so.

great prediction. williams is an early favorite and should ko margarito by the middle of the fight.

Say what you will about Margarito's record, he's at least fought some top ten names. Williams has not and Margarito is his first real test. Should be a real barn burner.

That whole sparring partner debacle means jack. Thats an age old ploy to hype a fight. Up and comers always use being let go as a sparring partner as some kind of evidence they were too much, when 99% of the time they just didnt stylistically or personalitywise fit the training camp and were then let go. Same goes with the whole, "I beat him in the amatuers" business.

Not Monty - very solid points. No doubt experience is in Margarito's favor here. Wasn't trying to put too much weight in the sparring partner thing. Williams will be my pick for sure though. Anything under -160 and I go after this one hard.

Margarito is gonna test Williams' chin like no other fighter... I dunno if Williams can handle what Tony has to bring to the table.

Tony ain't a pretty fighter but he is damn entertaining & he's a fighter... he let's it all hang out & I like him in this fight.

If Paul keeps Tony at bay with his jab & actually uses his advantage I can see him winning. They only thing that is going against Paul is that he ain't gonna keep Tony off him long enough to be comfortable in this fight.

Tony for me... any day of the week.

Margarito is NOT a hard puncher. He will not test Williams' chin. Margarito looked like ass against Clottey, and Williams is better than Clottey. Maragrito is old, shopworn, slow and has avoided Williams for over a year. He will lose badly.

WHo has Paul Williams fought? A bunch of bums!!! Paul Willaims ain't as great as you think he is. I don't think Tony is the best welterweight out there... but he'll win this fight.

You may disagree, but I think Matthyse would beat AM too. Williams shut Matthyse out before he stopped him.

Margarito has not fought world-beaters either. Kermit Cintron was a great win, but the Daniel Santos fights... Can't get em out of my head, he looked very mediocre.

Paul has a 9-inch reach advantage here.

Antonio Margarito -131

Paul Williams +121

Over 10.5 rounds -126

Under 10.5 rounds +116

In fact, Margarito is the betting favorite. Very surprised by this. I got my action, thought I'd give the heads up to Williams believers.

I'm not much a gambler but that shocks me to no end.

This fight won't be easy for either guy. Williams looks like a future champion for sure. Margarito was lucky to get a win over Clottey last time out. He looked bad in that win, he should be much sharper and better prepared for this one.

I have seen williams get rocked a few times in different fights because he gets careless. if he does this against margarito he will lose. I think margarito takes this fight

["Margarito looked like ass against Clottey, and Williams is better than Clottey. Maragrito is old, shopworn, slow and has avoided Williams for over a year."]

Williams is better than Clottey? Again, there is nothing in his record to really indicate this. He's been fighting guys on losing streaks, washed up fighters like Shamba, and guys like Matthyse who's afraid to fight outside Argentina. Both Clottey and Margarito dont have great records, but they have at least been in there with tougher competition and have more experience. This fight is Williams first big test.

I agree, Margarito is painfully slow, and swamping Williams is gonna' be tough for him.

Again, the whole ducking business is bullshit. Why in the fuck would Margarito face a new, untested prospect last year when he was looking for big payday showdowns against Mayweather, Cotto, and the like? Williams wasnt even ranked in the top ten until late last year after he finally racked up some higher profile televised fights. Now that he's Margarito's mandatory, Margarito is giving him the shot he (only recently) earned.

"Why in the fuck would Margarito face a new, untested prospect last year when he was looking for big payday showdowns against Mayweather, Cotto, and the like?"

Pot calling kettle black. He was holding out for big fights (which nobody took because he doesn't have a great record or any drawing power) and then ducked Williams. He was doing just what he said the bigger names were doing.

Williams will KO Margarito. There is no "maybe".