Peptides for injury repair????

As the title reads, anyone using any of the GHRH analogues such as modified GRF 1-29 and ghrelin mimitecs such as GHRP-6 to increase Growth Hormone for the purpose of tissue repair?

I have been thinking about giving them a run.

Please post your experience with these compounds.


Yes they work. Don't expect miracles though. Your only going to put out as much growth hormone as your pituitary can produce. Probably around the levels you had in your early 20's. If you are 20 you won't see much difference. For older guys it's a big difference. Ghrp-2 can elevate cortisol levels so I'd go with ipamorelin for my ghrp along w a ghrh Phone Post

Ghrp6 makes me to hungry. Another reason to go w ipamorelin Phone Post

thanks for the reply chip,
Yeah im in my early 30's and played sport all my life. I have a few joint related issues and was hoping this might alleviate some of the pain and discomfort.

The Rp-6 is making me eat like a monster....great for people wanting to lay on the weight, but for me...not so much.

Amazing sleep so far...if thats all its gonna do then im happy. I havent slept like that in years!!Meletonin does not even compare....

gonna give this combo a run for 100 days and see how it pans out.