personal best today

last night had a busy night at work, and when I was finished I went to my gym to tear into the wieghts.

standing overhead press with dumbells 95 lbs each hand 3 sets of 8:) last set was brutal but I did it!

Cool man,

good job.


Damn - that's good.


u luvly man u


Congrats bro. I think if I even got that over my head I'd snap in half.


Nice job--did you go into it tired and so with no expectations and then just hit it without expecting it?


thanks. Ya I worked 11-7, had a bullshit of a nightshift, a code blue on another floor and found out that that patient was a DNR... so forth.

So at around 830 got home took a shower and headed to the gym. Wasnt expecting to do anything serious... just felt the urge to give it a shot.

^^ sourBEAST, imo.

Nice, brother.