Petition for Mickeys to change that retarded TV Ad

 Sign it if you hate it.  That add fucking blows.

 and why the side profile when he's throwing puches?

thats perfect technique imo, we all can learn a thing or two from that dude


 those guys definitely train ufc


It's embarrassing as hell

It's embarrassing as hell

 signed. I literally cringe in shame when that commercial is on for some reason. The guy's shadow boxing is so forced and amateur, he comes across like a dude from

I bet those two dudes suck face after the commercial was done shooting, as they did not in any way strike me as someone who enjoys MMA.

isn't it supposed to be stupid?

dunc - isn't it supposed to be stupid?

 I don't think Mickey's realizes how stupid it is, or how bad it makes fans of MMA look. 



I thought it was funny the first time...

i get red faced every time i watch it

Love it!

hey, it just cut down my choice of beverages by one... completely NOT INTERESTED in mickey's after that

that ad really made mma fans look like tool bags

I tivod TUF and skipped commercials. then deleted.

which commercial was it?

I think it's funny. I laughed the first time I saw it.

that guy is no joke standing. it's definitely K1 level beer shaking.