Pick it- Rampage vs. Chuck

I searched for a thread like this and couldnt find it.

Whats the verdict on who will win this rematch, because it is definately going to happen.

I think if Rampage can be anywhere close to what he was like for the last fight he takes it in the same manner.

Chuck has improved greatly since then, but I think Rampages style, chin, and cardio will always prevail over Chuck.

Also, Chuck was starting to gas at the end of 2nd/start of 3rd round and all he was really doing was slowly walking around counter punching. If Rampage takes it to him like last time Chuck will gas again and have no answer. There is no way Chuck can go more than 3 rounds in this fight.

I hope everyone else thinks Chuck will win so that the betting odds are in my favor

Rampage would beat chuck easier in the cage then he did in the ring

Rampage looked pissed when chuck was talking about him in the ring, he also looked like he was wondering how the fuck he was gonna beat chuck, cause that man looks nearly unstoppable right now.

Rampage was able to hurt Chuck and rock him a few times when they
fought. I don't think Chuck has been hit that hard since that fight. If his
chin is what it was the first time they fought, Rampage should win the

definately chuck, close fight tho

Easy pick here!


Tito is not better than Rampage. Q has better standup, hits harder, will make Chuck think twice about keeping his hands low, and is more aggresive at getting inside for the clinch. He was able to take Chuck down and hold him down, something Tito has yet to do.

The only thing going against Q is the loses to Vanderlai maybe changing him.

Other than that, this fight is all Rampage.

of course RAMPAGE.

Quinton will offer much more fire-power, none of chucks opponents have had anything to offer striking wise. Tito and Babalu's stand up? With all due respect compared to chuck and page, it may as well be my grand-mother in there.

Tito kept doing that high kick.. what a shit form of attack. Page will trade, grapple and eventually take chuckles down and pound him out, thats if Quinton is in the right frame of mind and if not, its a Vanderlei style beating.


Chuck is on top of his game right now. I want to see the re-match. Should be a good fight. I'm just wondering if they will make Rampage fight Tito first.

Rampage all day. It's just a bad matchup for chuck. A guy who will hurt you standing and then just slam you on your ass at will.

I dont think Rampage will have to fight Tito first. They will build Tito and Rampage up with scrubs...Tito to get him back to the top and Rampage so the UFC fans know him.

I think he gets title shot after 2 wins, because the only other contenders are TUF guys and Chuck seems to want that rematch and if Rampage loses to Tito or someone else good, it may mean that Liddel never gets that match.

Heart says Rampage. Brain says Liddell. Especially with the fence there to hold onto when Rampage goes for the 'Jackson Air Express'.

Styles makes fights, and Page matches up well with Chuck. Chuck is on a roll, though.

Liddel is on top of his game, Rampage beat him last time but it was ages ago and Rampage has not looked great lately.

I give the egde to Liddel.


Rampage has shown nothing but a downslide, including some severe beatdowns; whereas Chuck has gotten way more refined. All of Chucks recent yrs wins have been spectacular, whereas Rampages have been underwhelming.

"dont forget when chuck lost to rampage it was a tournament and chucks piss poor cardio had him tired for the fight before it even started. "

Huh? Rampage beat Chuck in each guy's first fight of the night. Chuck didn't have to fight anyone else that night. So unless Chuck was still tired from fighting Overeem 3 months earlier, this excuse doesn't fly.

I agree with the OP but keep in mind Chuck apparently tore his ACL 3 weeks ago.

I still think Rampage 2.0 can beat him.


Rampage has a good jaw, and can force the clinch because of his solid defence on the way in. This is what he did in the first fight, and what he'll do in their second fight. Rampage is a bad match-up for Chuck.