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Interesting verbage in the area of the contract pertaining to $$ on ppv buys. How many PPV buys were there for the event with Randy vs. Sylvia?

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Randy Couture's Press Conference 

Randy Couture's Press Conference 

Based on that contract, Randy must have recieved the PPV bonus (seeing as it is in writing) and if he didn't he obviously should sue.

I don't see how he calls that an off the record bonus seeing as it is right there in black and white. If there were 550,000 PPV buys approximately he should have gotten a PPV bonus of $922,500 based on that contract.

IIRC randy said his last couple fights did 500k-600k buys

So Randy made about $1.1 million for the Gonzaga fight. Pretty decent coin.

I guess he was used to making $3 million or so, so he was pissed.

We was getting paid

Randy Couture kicked off his press conference on Thursday saying, “I guess this is my opportunity to tell my side of things.”

And tell his side of things, he did.

Couture addressed many of the issues surrounding his recent resignation from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, in every capacity, and made it apparent that the moment had been a long time in the making.

“I’ve had issues with Zuffa and the company since they bought it,” said the UFC heavyweight champion.

“Got off on the wrong foot over the ancillary rights in my contract and signing away my name and image, which then led to the video game and having myself pulled out of the video game, pulled out of the ad campaigns with Carmen Electra and all those things.

“Because I wasn’t willing to just sign those things away like most fighters had done to date at that point, I think that immediately put me on the outs with the manager, with Dana and the people that own the company.”

Of course, everything always comes back around to money, but Couture was adamant that the zeros on his checks were not the end game in his decision to leave the promotion that he spent so many years helping to build.

“This was never a money issue,” he said. “It’s been a prevailing feeling of respect that wasn’t being given.”

Couture also addressed a recent report from Kevin Iole on Yahoo! Sports that indicated he was to be paid “between $13 million and $15 million” for his current four-fight contract.

He handed out his bout agreements for his last two fights, which indicated his pay for those bouts, but did not include pay-per-view bonus money. For the recent fight with Gabriel Gonzaga, he was paid a base amount of $250,000.

He then proceeded to state that for his last fight against Chuck Liddell and his return bout against Tim Sylvia, those pay-per-view bonuses “amounted to about $500,000” per fight and that the numbers had not come back yet for the recent Gonzaga bout.

According to his presentation, he stood to make roughly $750,000 per fight on his current contract.

But again, he circled back to saying that those numbers were not the whole of his decision. He did not discount that money was a factor though, saying that the last straw for him was when Fedor Emelianenko was offered more money as a signing bonus than he has ever made for a fight.

“I am tired of swimming upstream,” said Couture. “I am tired of swimming against the current.”



Randy Couture holds a press conference and his fighters come to show their support wearing their Affliction shirts.

ttt for Jay Hieron and Tyson Griffin watching the press conference while sitting on cardio machines.

Not professional at all.

^ that contract pic is awesome.

ROFL @ "overpaid"

If the competition offers $3 mil and you fight for $1.1 mil you are not overpaid, fucking idiot.

there might be a 3rd bonus in the LOCKER ROOM....

  • Fight base

  • Lockeroom bonus - 4 Winning

  • PPV bonus

Not bad.

Randy is covering his ass and has elected to move to a different organization making some Huge cheezze, stroking dana/ufc till his contract is over.

Smart dude.

Honestly, IMO, Randy came off as a whiney bratt in his press conference. "boo hoo, I'm only making $750,000 a year, boo hoo hoo".

That's straight up what the UFC is paying him, you add endorsements, and the fame he got from the UFC that has allowed him to make movies now and do a number of other things and Randy is making a pretty good living thanks to the UFC.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel bad for him, not at all.

Gina Carano is hot

i don't feel that randy's complaining about how much he makes. It's more the respect that he's being shown in regards to other fighters and that boils down to the money and bonuses that he makes. He's making less than a lot of the fighters that are his peers and has shown loyalty towards the UFC for so much longer than most of them...


aw, gina was sweaty

"He handed out his bout agreements for his last two fights, which indicated his pay for those bouts, but did not include pay-per-view bonus money. For the recent fight with Gabriel Gonzaga, he was paid a base amount of $250,000."

Can this asshole not fucking read? The bonus is right there in plain English.

*Asshole = the MMAWeekly writer, not Randy.