Pinched Nerve Recovery?

Hey all, I pinched a nerve in my upper back while doing jiu-jitsu/submission wrestling training almost 4 weeks ago. I have been under the care of a great Chiropractor for the past 2 weeks. My questions are,

(A) How long to recover with chiropractic care 3x per week?

(B) What exercises should I concentrate on to protect that area and prevent it from happening again?

Thanks in advance.


I just had my 3rd adjustment in the last 2 weeks for my neck injury. Last year, the muscles under my shoulder blade were tighend by a pinched nerve in my neck. It was cool for 10 months until last November.

All's I do is make sure to warm-up and warm down properly. Dips and neck excercises always helps me.

BJJ moves are alomst the exact opposite of Chiropractic adjustments. My Doc laughs when I describe Triangle chokes.

Yeah my doc says martial arts are terrible for your body.