Pink Magic by USP Labs???

 A friend purchased this for me and I can't really find any unbiased information without reading for days. I COULD do that, but my time is really limited right now and all I want to know from you guys is...

-- Has anybody here heard of it? 


     - if so, have you taken it? Did it do anything?

    - if you didn't take it, have you seen friends, etc and their results?

I am about to leave for a deployment and don't want to start some stuff I haven't used before and have it make me all fubar or not even work.

If you guys have any insight, info, or whatever, please fill me in!!

Oh here's a link to the makers site..


check out and look at the reviews...they are usully pretty unbiased



 USP labs is pretty solid company.  I use that Jac3d product they produce and I find it is pretty good.  Rather strange naming a testosterone boosting product "Pink Magic".  I have never heard of this product.

Kind of funny reading that it claims is will get your testes to produce and carry more semen which will make your balls grow.  They arent making any crazy claims, and the ingredients are natural sources, so I wouldnt be too woried.  If you do take it make sure to do a follow up on here with a review!

make you jizz boatloads apparently...


Yeah, I'm going off to fucking Afghanistan and my buddy gives me this shit....

Like I'm gonna fuck some little Haji bitch.... I'd rather bone my bull dog Lola.

Well I'm gonna start this shit and follow directions. Thread to follow....

If anybody else has any experience please chime in. Phone Post

Well holy shit.

I took 2 pink magics along with my typical noxipro and all I have to say is FUCCCCKKKK!!!!

I haven't felt like this since I was 18, no shit... It is my 1st time taking it, so we'll see if it has the same effect in 3 weeks. BUT for day 1. Good deal.

TTT for keeping us posted about your jizz volume.

hahahaha...awesome. I might be getting this stuff soon, keep us updated

Just when I came to the conclusion these supps were all placebo effect.

MOAR revue please Senator

Ordered this a few days ago. Will check back within the week.

Took some this morning here at the brigade training site we have for our mobilization training and same deal, I was burning thru my normal sets, doing extra reps, with intensity... By the end I was looking for other excersize to do so I wouldn't waste this stuff. A week in, I'm impressed. Phone Post

And thy load sir?