Plz Shane Rice tell us...

Lots of rumors going around - can we get a statement from you (or your camp) on what happened. I saw the fight from the front row on the south side - the fight was stopped on the north side. From my vantage point - it looked like you were very close to being outside the ring when Hominick landed that punch when it was stopped. You immediately protested so I think all of your fans (including myself) and Hominick's fans (including myself) would like to know why you protested. I hope this thread doesn't turn into a "Quebec refs suck" "Stephane Patry is a crook" etc thread

Shane was protesting because of the stoppage, he said that Mark had baby oil all over him

It was a premature stoppage, I don't see how anyone can even argue that. Shane was ready to defend after the punch so why the stoppage?

From my point of view (ringside), Shane was hurt by the legkicks, he turned his back and was out when the punch landed.

We need a rubber match

These two guys definately have heat and the fans love two guys who want to fight.

deepu, shane was out when that punch landed for 2 seconds ,his arms dropped to his sides

I'm glad to see that even Aguzzi admits that Shane was out after the punch.

I doubt Rice would complain about rematch clauses at this point....

rice was sleeping for 2 seconds and then awake again. when you are flat on your back and arms spread on the mat. to me and obviously the ref- HE WAS OUT

Why were they stood up after Rice got the mount?

They were under the ropes.

If you intentionally try to put yourself under the ropes do they still stand you up? Why dont they just bring them back to the middle?

Does the Quebec commission set the rules?

yes they do.

thanks for your comments - maybe kyle sanford can comment or shane himself.

I knew he was shaken up, but he recovered. By the time the ref came to stop the fight, Shane was ready again, no?

I was annoyed most at the stand up from mount, that's just so unfair to any bjjer.

Congrats to Mark on the win. There was no Baby Oil just sweat...

I have watched the fight live and 20 times after, rice was KNOCKED OUT!!!! There was no baby oil, congrats to mark for getting HIS belt back, he doesn't deserve to have his win tainted like this.

Again, I just can't see anyone from the camp doing something like that.