Poirier believes Cormier could someday replace Blaf

“That’s a tough spot to fill,” said Poirier. “I’m not sure. I think Daniel Cormier maybe? Maybe somebody who’s been in combat sports. I don’t know if he knows a whole lot about the business side, but I think he would be a great face of a company.”

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Well at least he admits he has no idea wtf he’s talking about


What does BLAF stand for again? assume the B if Bald

I always assumed bald lying ass fk


Built Like A Fighter.

In some Men’s Health article Dana was asked about his skills and he said he was not a fighter but he was built like a fighter, something like that.


Next he’ll be saying we’ll all start eating gumbo and shooting alligators with lizibit’

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anything apart from figurehead and it wouldn’t work. as a promoter, you have to have the intestinal fortitude, and content, to keep shitting down fighter’s throats all day long. he just doesn’t have it in him.

Dude is a massive douche, dudes on all the horse meat now but been seeing BLAF on here for years so he must have said that back when he looked like uncle fester’s less athletic schluby brother.

Thats exactly what i thought is was!

No thank you. Also who tf cares what Dustin has to say regarding anything other than fighting lol


I bet a lot of the fighters threatening to beat Dana’s ass would now be a bit more diplomatic about things if DC was in charge.

I must say, whoever even asked Dustin this question is a terrible reporter.

Add “Bald and Loud As Fuck” to that

What about Mick Maynard and Sean Shelby?

They are getting some air time now on DWCS and fightlore. Makes me think they will continue to take a larger role in the front facing part of the org.

DC is sharp and an OK commentator when one of his friends is not fighting. But I seriously doubt he could ever be a match maker. I think the company would fall apart.


Dana has been the face of the company and such a huge part of its success. It’s hard to even imagine the company without him.

People love to hear him talk good or bad. They tune into his interviews and post fight pressers wanting to know what he has to say.

He will be hard if not impossible to replace.


Not really, every one here knows he’s full of shit and nothing he says can be taken seriously; promising title shots, claiming fighters turn down fights, teasing actual super fights, what the fuck was zuffa boxing, etc.

People shit on most every promoter across the board. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is fantastic and people shit on him for all kinds of stupid reasons.

A lot of those things Dana says are necessary and sometimes he says dumb shit but so does anyone else that has to talk to a camera every day of their life. Sometimes you say things that you are still working on and things don’t always work out.

And Dana certainly isn’t perfect and some people (you) seem to be really butthurt by him. None of that changes the fact Dana has been a vital component and instrumental in the building of the UFC and where they are today.

And he is incredibly popular, largely due to his personality. Nobody tunes into promoters like they do Dana White.


This 100 percent

They can not and will not find a suitable replacement for him. I just don’t see it happening. When he’s gone I’ll miss him for a few reasons, and so will the majority of people on this forum.

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