Poirier Reveals He Was Offered CC

Translation: Dustin gets his ass whooped, please book something else!

Colby is an all American STUD

a stud with a broken jaw and chipped tooth…

I dont have the patience to listen to a podcast. but if anyone has the time, they talk about UFC not doing Nate vs Dustin despite both fighters and fans wanting it

The virgins from mmafighting have a podcast?

Translation: He’s a lightweight bro.

I know you american fans need a white guy to get excited about its ok

Fuck Dustin Soyier

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Its funny how he thinks hes a bigger draw than CC.

How can colby fight rn?

Hes suing masvidal for brain damage and shit, then take w fight in the midst ?

Everyone who fights conor and wins thinks they are a massive draw all of a sudden. Might have helped Nate but he had a big fan base already, khabib is still undefeated and took out Dustin and Gathje. Dustin though is still the guy who lost all his title fights, could not become champion other than in his own mind. The conor win went to his head

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Thats the reason Dustin is doing this, he knows Colby wont take the fight right now, down the road when Colby does want to fight then dustin will refuse and say Colby already ducked him.

Dustin wants nothing to do with Colby, he knows he will lose, this is him trying to act hard when he knows they wont actually fight


It would be more interesting to see if Dustin’s power moves up to 170 with him. I’m not so sure it does. Also as one poster pointed out his movement is Taylor made for someone like Covington to get his hands on him and he’s going to get put on his back.

Covington isn’t a small 170er and Dustin used to make 45.


Dustin’s power will be 110% irrelevant when he’s on his back gasping for air :joy::joy:

Dude was gassed BAD after 2 rounds with Charles. Now he’s BuLkInG uP and he’s calling out a wrestler who’s known for drowning his opponents

Colby is gonna dominate Dustin bell to bell


Interesting take considering how many people are talking about how big Dustin is vs how small Colby is for 170. I’m looking forward to it regardless.

Colby has said before that dustin weighed more than
Him in training

I do believe Colby could make 155 lol

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Sadly I don’t think this fight is even gonna happen though


Its one of the worst examples of faggot behavior in mma recently. Really sad as I used to be a fan.

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Same man, ever since he beat Conor the first time shit went to his head or maybe we just see his true self? He seemed like the nice guy but maybe Colby was on to something calling him fake, and i hate colbys shtick (but cant deny his fighting ability)

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