Poirier vs Oliveira verbally agreed to for UFC 269



Heck yeah. Great fight. Charles will beat him though.


Oliveria isn’t on Poirier’s level on the feet

Charles will beat him up on the feet. Then submit him.

Dustin is good. But hes very hittable. Charles is lights out right now. He’ll walk dustin down.

You’re delusional and don’t know shit about fighting. I don’t waste my time talking to newbs

“Hittable” yet Poirier is tailor-made to elbow block orthodox hooks, and is the best in MMA history at blocking & countering, and catching & shooting

As if Oliveria who’s been knocked out dozens of times isn’t “hittable” lmao

People who don’t have a clue about fighting just use buzzwords and meaningless terms

Stick to trolling @Kirik_Jr you don’t know fighting. On the feet it’s Poirier all day. But unlike you who’s a newb and tool, I won’t claim to know things I don’t know so I won’t speak on the ground. Maybe Oliveria has a big advantage on the ground, I don’t know, but in the striking Poirier is an another different level, there are levels to this


I called dustin to beat conor the last two fights. Just curious, what were your predictions on those Mr Smartguy? Lmao.

Sorry. I dont talk to people who cant predict fights right!


You’re also lying. Charles hasn’t been knocked out “dozens” of times.

You do realize that it’s ok for you to feel different than me about a fight right? You dont have to make up lies to justify it lol


Oh wow, you called a fight right where any random idiot can get lucky and call fights right when the chances are 50%

Hahaha. You don’t know shit about fighting. I bet you couldn’t even detail why or how Poirier was going to win. You were probably just some newb dork “bu bu McGregor has thrash cardio and Poirier will drown him in deep waters”

No thought or reason behind it. You had a 50% chance of being right. Wow. So impressive. U want a cookie

Come to me when you actually get paid or make a living, like I have off gameplanning for fighters /working with fighters

Conor vs Poirier was southpaw vs southpaw

Poirier vs Oliveria is an entirely different fight and has nothing to do with anything

I don’t give a fook if you called a fight right like a random maroon getting lucky. Am I supposed to be impressed lmao. I’ve actually drawn up winning gameplans. I would tell you to attain that then come to me but that’s unattainable for you

Poirier will crush Oliveria on the feet

Are you still lying about being a MMA bigshot? You realize that 99% of the UG knows you’re lying right?

Also your “dozens” of knockouts that Oliviera has suffered… well it’s really 1 ko and 3 TKOs. The last of which was 4 or 5 years ago.


I think Dustin can and probably should win.

And, as luck will likely have it, he’ll lose in bizarre fashion.

Really glad that Poirier is choosing a title fight over chasing Diaz.

I rate Oliveira’s chances, but after seeing Chandler get inside to land a bomb the way he did, it’s easy to picture Poirier clipping him.

“dozens of times”

Oliveira has been legitimately KO’d once in his entire career and TKO’d 3 times. This information is freely available so how you get it so wrong is beyond me.

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And one of those TKOs was a freak injury

Yeah I remember that…randomly went down and people were thinking he had a neck injury or brain injury because his nose started randomly dripping blood. Ended up being an esophagus injury somehow. Very strange.

I remember thinking at the time that his career was in jeopardy the way he went down and being legitimately concerned for his well being, but thankfully I was wrong.

Yup…vs Max…was pumped for that fight too

Oliveira probobly my favorite figther now.Porier is up there too But deserve to be where they are and hope they both paid well


Great fight I’m picking Olivera as he has been on a tear

Would t surprise me if Dustin wins, but if I had to bet it would be Olivera


Which fighters and which fights?