Power pushup 2 and power jumper

Has anybody used any of these devices from Lineline usa? Matt Furey claims they are godsends but i know that matt furey could sell ice to an eskimo. so has anyone used the power pushup 2 or the portable power jumper? how do you like them? would u reccomend?

i orderd the power pushup 2...should be here in a few days. il let you guys know how it works or if its just crap.

the chest expander is good stuff. I just us the bulk surgical tubing that they sell. since i started using it, I totally abandoned weights. you can pretty much do any dumbbell exercise with the tubing, and then some.

an advantage of using the tubing itself is that you develop tremendous grip strength. and you are not limited to motions against gravity, and the resistance increases the further you extend youself.

All of the old school wrestlers in the early 1900's used devices similar to chest expanders/strands.

I reccommend it hightly, i think that is thee most under rated piece of equiptment there is. If you search on google you will find alot of information about it, and if you want i can point you in the direction of some different websites where you can educate youself.

I forgot to mention, that before when i rolled, my sholders would hurt all the time, now they dont, the tubing works your stabalizing muscles tremendously.

yea il take all the info i can get. i just moved into an apartment and dont have room for much besides dumbells so im investigating stretch tubing. i didnt kno if it was crap or not so....thank for the help.

I just bought a chest expander at wallmart for $10.00. It uses the springs instead of the tubing, I think it's the original ones before modern day gurus jacked the price WAY up. it's gold's Gym brand. Same with the wheel you can buy them at any store for $7.00 or buy the Furey wheel or abslide's for ridulous amount's.

Where would you get surgical tubing? Maybe it goes under a different name in the UK but ive never heard of it.