Power to the People: Ur Opinion??

Just wondering if anyone has read this book and what kind of results they had with it? I've read some of Pavel's articles (mostly in Muscle Media) and I really like his approach. I've tried some of his suggestions and they've worked for me.

But before spending the money on the book, I just wanted to see what kind of feedback some of you guys have.

Any help would be appreciated.

Read the information at these links first:

Overview of PTP
(first two pages of this PDF)

Very good info here

PTP workout cycle weights calculator www.kravmaga.nu/weights/

If you think you "get it" from reading the info on these links go for it. If you like what this information offers but want the more detailed scoop buy the book.

Some other tips. Here, unlike some of his other stuff, I feel the book is more valuable than the video. The exercises are the deadlift and side press. If you know how to do these the video will offer you little that the book doesnt.

Also you can get book below cover price if you do a search on ebay. Somebody usually has book and/or vid up for auction. If not go to www.abebooks.com and do a search for it. You can find it there for less than cover price also.




Thanks Andy. Those links are great. Is the whole book about 2 exercises (deadlift & side press)? Or does he go into how you can incorporate other exercises into the PTP workout?

Also, have you tried it? What kind of results did you get in terms of size and strength?

He goes into how to incorporate high tension techniques to those two exercises but you could use the high tension techniques for other exercises also. The naked warrior book gives a better description of high tension techniques I think, but the emphasis is on the 1 leg squat and 1 arm pushup instead of deadlift and side press. The PTP book contains a program for strength without size and another program for strength with size. Both programs will work if you stick to them. I think the biggest value in the book comes from the description of the high tension techniques.

The PTP "program" is base don side press and deadlift although he shows variations of deadlifts (romanian, duck style, sumo, etc.)

As Pancho said, the book's value is in the tension techniques which can be applied to any grinding high strength exercise (bench press, squat, pullups, etc.)

Too many people get the book and then complain that its only about two exercises. They are missing the point. Its the techniques, not the exercises that are whats important to learn from PTP.


I followed the program and didn't have any problems. I did the military press and deadlift for 2 sets of 5 just about every day for about 2 weeks. I didn't train to failure and took as long as I thought I needed between reps and sets.

"Deadlifting 5 days a week will kill your back"

It doesn't kill your back with the PTP program because your poundage and volume are kept low throughout most of the cycle. I tried it and didn't have any problems with my back or overtraining. It's a lot like Steve Justa's singles routine where you train everyday without really ever making yourself tired.

Cool, thanks for the feedback guys.

Any specific results (i.e. increase in lifts)?

Did you guys notice that you got stronger in other lifts just following these two exercises? I ask this last question since I think a routine of just doing deadlifts and side presses may neglect to some extent a couple of muscle groups such as the chest and lats.

mza, one of the things I picked up on from reading the dragondoor forums is that Pavel's routines aren't necessarily written in stone - as ash1 says it's the underlying techniques that are most important. If people ask him about adding extra exercises like chins for example to balance out a perceived gap in the routine he normally just advises them to go for it. Just make sure you're don't go mental and overtrain yourself and you should be right.

I highly reccommend Justa's book "Rock, Iron, Steel" be in everyone's library. It's one of my favorite books, and for 15 bucks you can't go wrong. It contains his thoughts and courses on barrell lifting, singles, partial reps, shovel lifting, hand and thigh, isometrics, carrying weight, and endurance.

3 months ago I was 205 lbs. with 18% bodyfat. After 3 months of dieting and PTP I am 185 lbs. with 12% bodyfat (I am 5'7"). I look and feel totally different! I lost almost an inch on my arms (from 17.25" to 16.5") but my pants went from 38 to 34. My arms actually look better now as they are more defined. What a difference 20 pounds makes! My current routine does not change and I workout 4 days a week. My workout consists of deadlift (2 x 5) and side press (2 x 5 on each arm). I usually end off with a set or two of curls just to keep the guns pumped. That is it! Not even any cardio. I have however reduce my calories from about 3,500 a day to 2,500 a day. For the first 2 months I stuck at around 1,800-2,000 calories a day and just increased the last month to about 2,500. My bodyweight is now being maintained. PTP has changed my entire outlook on training. The best part is the workouts are not exhausting like a HIT session. A normal workout for me takes about 25 minutes now. Just make sure you practice the "high tension" techniques as this is what makes the muscles stronger and "harder". I just maxed on my deadlift at 425 lbs. at a bodyweight of 185. The best part of that is that It was done totally raw with no straps as these are considered a no-no by Pavel. Yes, deadlifting HEAVY 5 days a week will kill your back! The crux of PTP is to cycle the poundages and stay fresh. Type your one rep max into the following calculator and follow it to the tee. http://www.jasonmackenzie.net/ptp.html
Good luck!

Jayden, if you are doing a 425 1RM according to that calculator you should be doing 365 for 5 reps. Is that close to what you are doing? Just curious.

I'm doing 330 for 5 reps which appears to correlate to a 390 1RM, however, I don't think I can pull 390 now for 1 rep. Never tried it, but I really don't think I could.

Bringiton, yes I can do 365 x 5 reps BUT that would be a max effort set. In other words the 5th rep would probably be a max effort or I would hit failure. The key to PTP is to stay fresh and always have 2 or 3 reps left in the bank. For instance, yesterdays workout my top set was 345 x 5. I had 2 or 3 reps left in me. I will probably end the cycle off at 365 x 5 and hopefully I will still have 2 or 3 reps left in me.