Pre-hab Exercises... advice?

Hey Guys,

I want to compile a list of exercises that are good maintenance for avoiding injuries and strengthening around joints (ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists etc.)

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this, also, any suggestions in general for avoiding injury and balancing out musculature to optimize injury resistance? Seems like i feel little twists and such more now than a few years ago.


Im interested in this as well.

I have found a big differance in sholder/upperbody injurys since I started a program working my rotator cuffs.


Knees and ankles are what I am particularly interested in, but I'd love to know all to strengthen any weak links in the chain.





You should go see a doctor or someone more educated about that special field :)

however.. i once did my old shotokan katas when it was really bad with the knees, it worked like a charm, no joke. warrior wellness from scott sonnon is also very good, i've taken alot of things from there, it's really great.

Ankles are one of the most neglected part of the body for exercising but yet if you think about it, as C-hamzeh has, they are almost one of the most important body parts for sport performance/stability.

yep, those and the knees id say =)


If you are really interested in ankle focus, Dr. Tudor Bompa has excellent writings on this in his books. I believe it is also in "Serious Strength Training" as well.

check out the book "Core Performance" by Mark Verstegen. He's got
some great stuff for any type of athlete to implement into there

There's a section dedicated specifically to Pre-hab exercises.
the Regeneration and Movement prep sections are great as well.

All of these will not only help performance but definatley help prevent

Check it out. I've added a lot of his stuff into my training and also
turned a lot of people on to it as well.


thx for the feedback