Pride and "Masks"

I was looking at pics of the Kazuhiro Nakamura VS Dos Caras Jr. fight and it appears that Dos Caras Jr. is wearing some kind of facial mask during the fight ... is that really fair ? ... it seems like the mask might prevent cuts which could lead to a stoppage ...

also stops him from getting cut

yea thats what I said dude ..

It prevents cuts, too.

Plus its gay!

oh sorry. i though you said could cause cuts on the other fighter.

lol @ Darko ..

If you wear something due to your heritage or nationalistic pride, I'm ok with that. Not if you want to look like a Marvel Comics hero. - Only to enter the ring with, not to use in a fight.

and lol @ CrocopTeam ... man you guys are missing the point ..

yea i'm pretty sure that its harder to cut a person that's wearing a mask

I missed ptm2020's post ... a bunch of fucking idiots here, I swear ...

It's a fucking embarrasment, IMO. I can't count how many times I've had to explain to non-MMA fans that our sport is nothing at all like pro rasslin'. Then fighters start doing shit like this.

Cut it out.:)

forget it ... nimrods ..

Haven't you seen The Crocop fight.

As Cascaros slumps to the ground you can catch a climpse of the blood begining to stream down his face and out of the bottom of the mask.

you guys are complete idiots...

If anything, the mask is a disadvantage to the opponent because it will reduce the damage(such as cuts to the face) inflicted by his strikes.

You keyboard warriors know nothing of the real fight game.


scott spain... I agree 100%. It makes our sport look too much like pro wrestling. I too had to explain it tonight. It takes away from the image that MMA should be trying to make.

Just thought I'd add,

The doctor may find it hard to see cuts on the face of the wearer of the mask therefore decreasing the possibility of a stoppage due to excessive bleeding or a severe cut.

What about the cuts?

Stott Spain is 100 precent right I go through the same thing with non M.M.A. fans. And fighters like Dos Caras jr dont help matters.