Pride Commentary = Bas + Douchebag

He's a pretty knowledgeable guy, yeah. He speaks Japanese, yeah. He knows a little bit about the game, yeah. That's where it begins and ends.

He called Arona Schembri last night. Said "Aboot" (canadian "about") 15 times in the first fight. Bas almost did NOTHING on the color commentary end of things because this guy just fucking rambles and rambles. He talked so damn much, by the end of the telecast, we were glad just to not have to listen to the guy anymore. His insights are kinda scattered, and he doesn't give Bas enough room to do his thing. I believe he's pretty much there to stay, but man, do I want him gone.

bring back quadros!

I agree with Drift. Bring back Quadros.

You said it, BRO.

Word, this guy is fucking annoying. Sorry pride, Quadros and Bas are the dynamic duo and are as entertaining at times as the fights themselves.

The guys sucks... but I like how he yells out


"Then again, next to Jesus, Bas is one of those people that you are simply not allowed to criticize on here."

Jesus ain't all that, BRO. Nog would own him.

Nog by crucifix, 1:06 1r

Holy shit, if i had to listen to Bas' interpretation about how the fighters were talking about how good looking el woppo was , i was going to turn down the volume.

"However, the person that annoyed the fuck out of me was Bas Rutten. He's not funny, and he's not quick on the draw."

He's got the type of personality that you handle one of three ways... you either experience first-hand and realize the charisma, you experience it on the telecasts or in his tapes and laugh along with it, or you never really acquire the taste for it and find his accent & mannerisms to be more of a piss-off than anything. I'm a delicate blend of A & B... I personally think Bas is the man. Funnier than shit. And when he's drunk, I hear he's the life of the party.

Bas is okay but his liver shot and El Guapo is handsome stuff gets a little annoying. The current douchebag is better than the Damon Perry douchebag they had. I'm glad they got rid of the redneck appeal where they were infront of beer pretending to be drunk between fights. "He's in a GII!!! GIIIII!"...I was so embarrassed.

"He's in a GII!!! GIIIII!"...I was so embarrassed."

Yeah... that was a new low for Bas. I'm with ya.

Now if he woulda REALLY been drinking... I can guarantee the entertainment.

Bring back Quadros!

I like the new guy. Although he may not be as knowledgable as Quadros, he is a much more professional commentator - which is more important. Bas is supposed to be the knowledgable one.

Man, I thought he was drinking.

No more Quadros. His interview on MMA Weekly is
disgustingly self-congratulatory. His stories suck. He
bought property on BAs' balls so he can swing from
them full-time.

The new Pride commentator is from Japanese Prowrestling, he says things that give you that idea. I don't like him either, he got way too excited when he saw the Lucha Libre cornerman walking into the ring.

I've said it befor,e fi we can't have Quadros back in Pride, we
should push for him in a nother show. he wants to host/
comentate K-1 MMA hsows. shit guys, let him! Push for that
instead of Quadros in PRIDE b/c K-1 could very well happen
if you uspport it

give me his job

I am I the only one who thinks rampage should be the new commentator? that guy was funny as hell.

"I got like like, 30, 40 stitches, but it don't matter cause I'm ugly already."

and my favorite

"thank you quinton"

"yeah, da black man."

I need to send a tape to Pride. My Japanese may be weak, but I could run rings around that guy they have with Bas now. Anybody have contact info?

He completely ignored Rampage. I think he was offended that the guy was yukkin' it up a little and tryin' to have some fun. The only time he responded to him was when he (Rampage) was being "serious".