Pride Report: Rampage vs. Arona

According to ADCC website, Arona WILL NOT be fighting in Pride Grand Prix alternate match but WILL face Quinton Rampage Jackson in the next match.

This makes sense since it was Rampage he was scheduled to fight in Pride MW Grad Prix.

I will go on record that Arona will be destroyed.

Rampage by beatdown, rd. 2

It's going to be a LONG night for Rampage if Arona is able to take him down!

Rampage my ktfo

I can't wait!

When is the fight?

Rampage will fuck him the fuck up!!!!!

No date given but it seems sometime late spring or early summer as the article mentions the winner would probably face Silva sometime in summer.

Arona is the best! He'll win a decision over Rampage.

no WAY arona wins this unless his lay&pray is PERFECT that night


Arona by hold down.

Good gravy, Arona the best? At what getting a takedown and holding an opponent and never going for a sub? I really hope Jackson beats the snot outta him. Unless Arona has changed and is willing to go for it.

Rampage's weakest point is obviously defending the subs.

Can or will Arona attempt to submit? Arona is badass in the takedown department but Rampage trains with Tito, is a good wrestler himself and held off Randlman (though Busta did take him down).

Hopefully Rampage will lay some knees or dirty box Arona in the clinch.

Great fight for the right to Silva!

Excuse the ignorance--but isn't it late spring now? If not, when is this?

Arona is jacked, if he is still on the silly sauce Rampage might have met his match in strength

Rampage defended subs very well against Busta.

I like Rampage but he's come very close to being guillotined in a few of his last fights (busta, wandy and the last one).

I reckon Arona's gonna be the cat to put him out with it. We'll see I guess.

I dont think Rampage will get Arona to his back. He should avoid the clinch as much as poss and strike to win this one.

Late Spring would likely be mid to late June :)

In terms of Rampage vs. Arona - unless Quinton falls into a bad position trying to go for a slam or escape, Arona won't try for a sub on him. Arona only goes for subs when they fall in his lap.
Quinton was taken down by Busta because he didn't respect him. After the first round, that no longer happened and Busta was clearly frustrated.
After seeing Quinton fight Randleman, I think he'll keep Arona at bay. I'm sure at some point Arona will get him down, but how much energy will he expend to do it - and how quickly will the fight be restarted?
Watch Quinton against Randleman and then Arona against Mezger. Quinton has what it takes to win this...but anything can happen.

I see Quinton eventually tagging him with a punch or knee and then punishing him from the top. If Arona can get him down, he *might* get an opening if Quinton tries to roll him. Quinton is SO strong that his reversal is actually kind of open to a transitional sub, but he's always been good about powering out of those. Against Arona, he'll only have a mild strength advantage.

I think Domingo makes good points on this. I feel Busta is a one of a kind fighter when it comes to submission in that he is basically poetry in motion and can "boa" himself onto nearly anyone it seems. Although Arona is surely a lot stronger than Busta, I don't think he has the same balance. I haven't seen Arona try a lot of submissions and he usually uses power takedowns. That and a buck will only get him a cup of coffee against Rampage.

Yet again they lock legitimate contenders into unneccesary fights to protect a paper champion.