Pride Says Liddell Silva Is On

I read that Dana said the fight was not on, but the Pride announcers seem to think it's still going to happen in Oct.

Chuck vs Wandy--Make it so!

My guess is Pride will be a lot more interested in this fight than the UFC now...


Silva is DA MAN!

Silva has hugh heart, not afraid to fight anybody at ANY WEIGHT!

That is a true champion!

Do people honestly think Silva's stock dropped THAT much after being
KO'd by Crocop????

Silva vs. Liddell would still be considered one of the biggest MMA fights in
MMA regardless of Silva's performace in the OWGP.

He's still their middleweight champion you, know. If he beats chuck that'll be a feather under their cap if only for the reason that it makes UFC look bad.

And don't forget, if Chuck dropped Silva in the Octagon, he's not going to get much if any time to recover. If he gets dropped, the ref will dive in to stop it.

I agree with oldblueeyes, it could look like the babalu fight. BUt Vandy comes in wild and Chuck has precision hits, but Vandy can connect at any time. Also Chuck is susiptible to getting hit. Both fighters defenses is their offense. So both leave themselves open. I dont think this fight will make it out of the 1st or 2nd round if it makes it to the 2nd round.

The Calf Cruncher

Silva will TKO Chuck if the fight happens.

Chuck's confidence may be the key to winning this fight. There aren't many fighters that are hotter than Chuck is right now. That must be the reason Wandy wants to fuck him so bad.

if the fight still goes on,Silva would lose....

chuck will ko silva, if the fight happens

Set the Liddell vs Silva fight for Super Saturday....

allows for the Tito Chuck fight, and Silva to fight NYE

I can't believe ppl think that silva can beat chuck. With silvas wide open sloppy bull rushing standup, chuck will knock him out in the first fucking round. Jeezus

The fight would undoubtedly be one of the hottest in mma, but from the UFC stand point it makes no sense, Silva lost, so if he beats Chuck then the UFC losses face. The UFC can't afford to gabble with their pride and joy. Personaly I think it would be one hell of a slugg fest, with Chuck pulling out the K.O.
We all know that Silva is best when he charges in, and Chuck loves that, Dana is no fool he wont let chuck go into a fight he can't win. The bottom line is it a business the almighty $$$ rules over all fights.

Are we going to start calling Chuck "Apollo Creed"?

When did Chuck fight Pele? 1998? He didn't look so hot against Noe Hernandez either, but I don't see anyone using that fight as a reason Chuck won't do well against Silva.

Oh, and it seems like Pride's lost a little bargaining power, doesn't it? The only way this fight happens now is if Chuck pushes for it.

Pele? Good God, people.....

He didn't fare so well against Randy the first time. What happened in their rematches?

Horn put him to sleep...... how did their second fight turn out?

But hey, while you ARE bringing Pele up...... who won that fight?

.........Where the fuck are some of you dipshits coming from??

It's a big question if he's going to have that extra desire to motivate him into putting in the grueling work. Silva will.

Hmmmmm....... sounds like the same shit people were saying while he was preparing for Babalu. What happened there?

........ and in half the time it took him the first time.


Great points though..... seriously...... not kidding...... I swear......

What's funny is that people are comparing Chuck to Crocop, performance-wise.

I think Chuck could handle Silva.

I still think CC would F him up.

No one in the LHW div can currently handle CC.