PRIDE should hire Jeff Osbourne

I was just watching an old UFC in my gym while I was working out
today, and Jeff was doing the commentary. He really knows his shit,
and I miss him doing it. PRIDE keeps jumping from man to man over
there in the booth, and I think they should give Jeff a try.
I didn't mind that Damon Perry dude. I actually thought he was pretty
good the second show he did. This new dude however, is killing me.
Get Jeff in there.
Jeff and Bas would make a great team.

Didnt he do a hack job on them recently though?

Maybe he could get his old UFC job back if you think he's so good Joe?

Jeff is in the top 3 all time commentators IMO.

I completely agree with Joe Rogan's assessment of Jeff Osbourne's knowledge and ability as a commentator. I also have not enjoyed any of the pride commentators that have been placed in the booth with Bas. Well, Quadros was ok, but he's not there anymore.

Good idea! DSE make it happen

Any organization that is interested in having a legit MMA commentator should have hired Jeff a long time ago.

I've been saying Pride needs him for a long time . Heaven forbid having someone who knows what their talking about do commentary .

Damon Perry was great, why did they drop him??

good call rogan and obviously fear is not a factor for you or jeff osbourne

"...poetry in motion..." One of his great lines!

Osbourne was great! I was pretty diappointed when UFC got rid of him. He DOES know his shit and I liked the way that he could express the magnitude of what was going on without yelling and getting overly excited.


Me too . Especially more than Bas .

Good call - always thought Jeff did a great commentary job.

So why not hire him for UFC if he's so good?

Damn, wish I had thought of that...its a great idea!

epstein-offer something other than boneheaded comments. far you are the best commentator to date as I love the fact you really come across as having a genuine love and respect for the sport. It is refreshing and entertaining and up her in Montreal...we just want to say thanks. I think you and Bas would be hilarious.


Thanks a million for the props.
Any chance Bas is reading this???? Drop me an email so I can get to work on this.

Last I heard was that they really liked the new guy. My only problem is that he was miscalling multiple moves and causing some confusion.

Are you out there Bas?? Anyone have his contact info?

NO no... Jeff could not control himself in a country full of Asian women...


i know bas posts frequently on sherdog...especially in the ask the fighters maybe you could make a thread for him there and he's really good at responding