Prime Chuck vs prime Hendo

Who wins

I got Hendo Phone Post 3.0

Chuck takes it fairly easily is my guess Phone Post 3.0

Personally I think hendo, chuck is too willing to eat shots and the h-bomb does too much damage, it would be a war but I feel dan would avoid chucks big punches better then chuck would avoid his Phone Post 3.0

No idea but thatis my biggest what if fight that I can think of. Phone Post 3.0

Prime Hendo = Decision Dan, Chuck takes it with that look in his eyes. Phone Post

I think Chuck because he was faster and utilized his kicks well in his prime. He also had one hitter power.

I love both guys. It was supposed to happen at UFC 17.

Chuck loves to brawl...You don't brawl with Hendo and win. Its simple as that.

Hendo has more power and a better chin...Chuck did an iron chin in his prime though.

Hendo via KO

Why is this even a question? Hendo fought Mino, Wanderlei, Fedor, Shogun, Arona, Ninja, Rampage, Babalu, Bustamante.

Hendo, all day, erry day.

I mean no dishespect but trt or no? Prime hendo was on the legal sauce.

No trt iceman all day. Trt who knows Phone Post 3.0

One of the greatest fights to never happen. And I have no clue who would have won.

it's a damned shame it never happened

Chack on trt would have been scary Phone Post 3.0

Break a leg Andy

How much longer left on that screen name lol? Phone Post 3.0

Chuck Phone Post 3.0

Prime h-bomb hitting prime Chuck chin would end the universe.

Fuck you all for suggesting such a thing.

Dream matchup when they were both in their primes. The H-Bomb vs Chucks ball-and-chain overhand right. Someone would be knocked out cold, thats for sure.

Prime Chuck had good reach, a damn good chin, and some of the best TDD in the game. I'd take him by tko, even with Dan's legendary chin Phone Post 3.0

Prime Chuck all day. Hendo leaves himself wide open the way he throws his shots, that's Chucks bread and butter.
He's not taking CHuck down and holding him there.....
My guess is he runs into chucks fists often and gets put out.

You can make a case for both men.

Hendo, for me.

I usually hate these theoretical threads but this one's interesting. That would have been an amazing match up. Odds would have went with Chuck but who bets against prime Hendo??? Also which Hendo would u guys consider prime? Post Wand 2? Pride welterweight tournament Hendo? Phone Post 3.0