Proper shoes?

ok.. I'm in need of a new pair of shoes for training (weightlifting) I know there are "proper" shoes out there for just about every sport.. so is there a "proper" shoe for weightlifting that I should be considering?

I know this is a silly question..but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I wear Chuck Taylors...$20. No heel, no cushioning, very comfortable....but that's just me. Most people in the gym I lift at wear comfortable cross trainers or tennis shoes.

There are shoes specifically for weightlifting, but they are very expensive ($80 - $100)

lol @ evil Adam!

I also wear Chuck Taylors, for the same reasons paw described. "Comfortable" shoes for running aren't necessarily stable under heavy loads.

These guys are right LO, go with something sturdy and practical for lifting. if this isn't an option stick to something like a good cross-trainer shoe for all round gym use (lifting running, plyometrics, etc..)

good advice. Thanks Paw, Geoff and BIC. I appreciate the answers.