Pros/cons: caffeine while training

I just got back into training for competitive boxing about 3 months ago. Now an "8-5er," I have very long, tiring days given that, well, I work 9+ hours and then go to the gym for 2-3 hours. I have boxed for 7 years, so I know my body and how to properly train, but I haven't had to "rely" on caffeine like this to get me through the day. Sparing you my exact diet (no strict regimen yet, but I eat EXTREMELY healthy) and training schedule (lift/cross-train 2x/week, "boxing workouts" 5x/week with Saturday's being a two-a-day) I was wanting to see what you all had to say about having caffeine on a daily basis.

I guess the questions I'd like feedback on are: is it detrimental to be consuming caffeinated drinks while aggressively training? Will this effect my performances when I'm not caffeinated? Are there any dietary benefits/drawbacks to consuming caffeine? I know some distance runners in HS occasionally took caffeine before races, but I am unfamiliar with any serious athletes incorporating it in their training and why they do or do not use it. Thanks in advance for your help!

^^u dont know of any serious athletes taking caffeine??pfft, half the nfl andf mlb players are hyped up on amphetamine before very game...

i dunno about daily use of caffeine though..i lay brick all day and need caffeine to get thru the day...then when i get home if i dont have a little more, then no way will i get a good workout in...i wish i could do without it but i cant..

Obviously looking for some more scientific answers, but this feedback is welcomed as well!

I completely agree that you gotta do what you gotta do - in my case, 2 cups of black coffee and a sugar free energy drink over the course of a day - but since I'm training to compete vs. casually, I'm wanting to break any bad habits ASAP. Definitely in the same boat as you two...I just don't know whether I need to get out of it! Haha (or change my schedule, etc.)

Caffine mobilizes stored fat, endurance athletes have been using it for years to spare gycogen stores.

Helps with exercised induced muscle soreness. Combats alzheimers.

I have always slammed a coffee before a workout.

Im sure there are some negative sides although I think a lot of them have been proven wrong. imo the rewards outweigh the risks.

lot of positives for caffeine consumption to aid workouts. for me none of them outweigh the fact that i have difficulty waking up in the morning while drinking caffeine, so i avoid it now (after being a heavy caffeine consumer for probably 15 years).

An advil and some caffeine 20 minutes before a run and you'll pump out a record time without realizing it. Lots of triathletes will use this combination (caffeine in a "flat" coke for the sugar boost as well). Will get you through a physically demanding/tough spot.

I believe that. I have 14 red bull in my fridge, I save them for a day when I have to hit a PR. They work great, sometimes I actually look on my back to see if I have wings.

Sorry, I want to TTT this real quick to see if there's anything else...


Well, I would like someone to chime in on this subject as well. I have even used green tea pills for the caffeine (no sugar like in coke and I hate coffee) and had some interesting results. The major thing about caffeine is increasing your heart rate throughout the day, this is why most fat burner pills consist mainly of caffeine with a few other products thrown in.

I see how increased heart rate can help burn fat but elevated heart rate throughout the day can be a little sketchy sometimes. HOw does this affect performance? I know it helped mine for running performance but advil probably was more effective for that. 1 pill, you don't block all the pain (which would be a bad thing) but you can push a little harder.

pro: extra energy

con: you may shit yourself during the course of your workout.

"I believe that. I have 14 red bull in my fridge, I save them for a day when I have to hit a PR. They work great, sometimes I actually look on my back to see if I have wings. "

Are you going to drink all 14 on that single day? You only need 13 to get wings.

"con: you may shit yourself during the course of your workout."

Is that a caffeine thing? I always assumed that smoothe muscle contractions were regulated by salt (lots of salt = overactive colon). The reason why McDonalds big Mac meal has me sitting on the can withing a couple of hours.

Check this out

^^^ GOOD read, a little more than I was looking for but thanks for posting.

^^sum the article up..i cant access the page for whatever reason..

The article is a round table discussion between two experts and a moderator regarding caffeine. Most of the discussion is academic, citing many papers or journal articles where research on the subject was published.

Unfortunately, the article focuses on the negatives of caffeine rather than the positives which I think this thread is mainly about. It's a good example of 2 "experts" with the same information coming to 2 very different opinions.

Summary: Caffeine is a potent drug with 3 modes of action 1) inhibits phosphodiesterase --increases cAMP -- neural excitation (you are "wired" and receptive). 2)Inhibits chloride channel-- neurons more likely to fire. 3)antagonizes adenosine receptors--can promote elevated neurotransmitter functionality.

Article points out some bad "links" for caffeine. Linked to osteoporosis in women, sperm motility in men, malformations of fetus in pregnant women, hardening of the arteries and hypertension, and is to be avoided for cardiac patients. All these links have yet to convince the participants of the round table.

The lengthy discussion of caffeine reducing the ability of glucose uptake by fat and muscle fibers. Short story, caffeine is bad if your fat (lead to insulin resistance, blah blah blah...if your fat you are already prone to this). Not so bad if you are moderately athletic (you have way more muscle than fat and the glucose uptake studies in skeletal muscle are lacking evidence or questionable methods).

One "expert" is pro-caffeine for athletic people and really supports it's use for performance enhancement (anecdotal evidence given, none of the science...which is what I wanted).

Caffeine is a drug, acts on the body in many ways so one should be careful. Bad if you are fat and lazy and can be positively used with a little common sense and education. Good discussion if you like academia/science talk,...common sense conclusion.

Nice summary - was a lot to read, but you covered it.

Thanks for posting that link!