Protein & Coffee


Does anyone know if it is ok to add protein powder to coffee, would the protein powder still be as good?? or does mixing it with hot water sort of "kill" the purpose of it??

any comments would be greatly appreciated

Thanks :)


someone must know something?

Mmm... laymans guess time:

Heat treating protein reduces it's biological value (BV = scale of how much value your body gets out of consuming something), that's why the miro-filtration type whey proteins are better for you than heat treated equalivents.

Adding hot water to the powder couldn't improve the protein's BV (assuming it is hot enough to cause some sort of reaction) and IMHO would likely have an adverse impact on it.

Re the Caffine: well caffines burning properties are well documented, so IMHO that would reduce the absorption of injested protien... however that being said, your body adapts to caffine very quickly, so if you're a cup a day drinker, chances are it would have next to no impact on you relative to a one cup every five days user.

Thank you so much

I thought the heat would have an effect on it, in a not so good way. Well not as good as it would be having it with normal water

I dont know think of it as a "Mochachino" (with chocolate flavoured protein of course)

I've tried it before with Vanilla whey, it tasted like poo. As for the nutritional value, I didn't care after tasting it.

Your right Triguy, i just tried it aswell and i dont care how good it is, that was one of the worst tasting things i have ever had.

Kinda suprised me though, i like mixing my chocolate protien with pancakes and it tastes great

has anyone tried mixing it with anything else?? (and tastes good)

I used to use my milk/egg powder for creamer in my coffee-tasted good

Sometimes I add a scoop of instant coffe to my chocolate shakes but adding it to hot coffee doesnt taste that good unless you are adding something sweet like dextrose for PWO shake

Mix it with oatmeal. mmmmmmm.

Me too. Strawberry and oatmeal.

I sometimes mix milk with chocolate protien then add to super hot coffee for protein packed mocha coffee. Tastes good to me...

how does the heat mess up the protein? Cooking meat doesn't mess it up? Is this true or just speculation?

I've always wondered about that too amsbjj...Anyone with the knowledge come forth....;-)

It's not so much heating as it is OVER heating.

Heating(cooking) any protein source will denature the molecules. This is normal and the proteins biological value is reduced-it's just a fact of life with cooking. If you OVER heat it, the denaturing goes past just losing some of it's value and gets completely broken down and destroyed.

Adding protein powder to hot coffee won't do anything significant but if you mix then put it in the microwave you're probably going to lose any benefit it might have.

This is how I understand it

good explaination of denaturing:

"Individual protein molecules in raw meat are wound-up in coils, which are formed and held together by bonds. When meat is heated, the bonds break and the protein molecule unwinds. Heat also shrinks the muscle fibers both in diameter and in length as water is squeezed out and the protein molecules recombine, or coagulate. Because the natural structure of the protein changes, this process of breaking, unwinding, and coagulating is called denaturing"

That's very interesting, thanks. I guess we all need to eat our steaks a little more rare.