Protein powder?

Hey, I got this egg protien poweder stuff from a friend who body builds. He says that if I drink one shake after working out each time I do it will help me re-build muscles etc after working on the mats.

Is this true?

sounds about right

Whey protein is better.

Egg Protein should NOT be taken after a workout. Egg Protein is a slower releasing protein which will not feed your muscles fast enough after you workout.

While you perform an intense work out, you break down lean muscle mass. After your workout, your muscles go into a catabolic state. To prevent any further muscle breakdown you should injest either an isolate whey/soy protein (preferably whey) or a protein w/ carbs in it (the carbs act as a transport system for your protein) within an hour after your training.

Take that Egg Protein before you go to bed. The slow releasing protein will feed your muscles while you sleep so that you don't immediately go catabolic.


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Thanx...Whey it is!

Okay... lets give you even more info than you need ;)

Your body after a workout will go into a catabolic state and start to destroy muscle tissue.

At this point, to bring yourself out of catabolism and back into an anabolic state you need to use your bodies insulin to cram glucose into your cells.

Try about 40 grams of protein (whey isolate) with 40-60 grams of Dextrose. You can get dextrose at any beer store for dirt cheap. I'm talken like 2$ for 4 lbs.

Dextrose is the highest sugar on the Glycemic index and gets into your system along with whey isolate.

Make sure you mix this together in about a litre of water. To help faster absorbtion.

You can now also take Alpha lipoic acid. Stay away from fatty meals as the insulin surge will store any fat from meals into your stores. Becareful with carbs too because they'll spill over to fat aswell.

Now, if you are trying to pack on mass hit yourself with another shake the same as above 30 mins later. Then eat a real meal an hour to an hour and a half after.

Take your first shake within 30 minutes of working out, the faster you can get it in your body the more you'll grow.

I wouldn't use dextrose. You could just use an isolate or get a meal replacement shake that has carbs in it (Muscle Milk is PRIMO!!). You don't necessarily need 40-60g carbs after you work out. But hey, it depends on the individual, I suppose. And it also depends on the person as to how much protein you intake. If you take too much, you just may not absorb it...

What? Muscle milk is loaded with fat... plus this company is known for their bogus claims... can you trust you are getting efa fats or pure shit?

Drink muscle milk after a workout and I'll garuntee you you'll need bigger pants after 2 months.

How can you say he doesn't need what carbs...he never even posted his weight, size on here..

Protein just isn't enough if you want to need to mix the dextrose and protein to get a higher synergistic effect for post-workout shakes...

Take 1g dextrose or maltodextrin per kg body weight , and mix with 0.4g - 0.5g per kg body weight hydrolyzed whey .
Drink them together for biggest insulin spike

Dude, I'm just saying that you don't need to mix dextrose. He can mix fruit in a shake if he wants. In addition to that I've been using Muscle Milk for over a year and I have yet to gain any weight from it (it's not a weight gainer). If you've experienced something different from it then I dunno what to tell you. And I know that the fat content is a little bit higher, but the carbs are also lower so it kinda balances things out (energy wise) for me.

Ppl on the Atkins diet injest a lot fat, but they use that as their energy source as opposed to using carbs for energy...and most of these ppl lose the weight (not saying it's the healthiest diet). Muscle Milk isn't bad for you and it's not loaded w/ fat. There are two forms of Muscle Milk, the American (higher fat, lower carbs) and the Canadian formula (lower fat, higher carbs).

Guy we are talken purely after working out. The atkins guys don't consume high fat and high protein after working out.

He asked about post-workout shake...not daily consumption when he wakes up, for lunch, snack, after he farts...

Purely post-workout... Fructos takes WAY to long to break down and get into your system...

ahhh I feel like I am wasting my breath...


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you people use big words....protein powder makes my tummy hurt....dougie do this ---- dress up in a gorilla suit, stick a banana up your ass and run around saying 'where's my banana? where's my banana?' --- i usually do this for 30 mins after training...hope this helps


I was using the Atkins low/no carb/high fat as an example...why can't you understand this? And I was not talking about dieting...just after workouts. Quit being so damn difficult!

**EDIT: Pacifist: Thanks dude!

No! I wanna be difficult... misinformation = bad

Thats a moot point about are guessing what they'd take for a protein shake post-workout?

I'm with Sexy except I keep trying to get the girls at the gym to eat my pink is protein packed!

Devious1 seems too have the most complete info...where do you train Devious1? very well informed!!

no no no lets keep the fight alive....djmisskittie seems to have the most complete info....

devious1...if you put on a gorilla suit the girls will flock to you....try that rather than offering your pink banana

you know i take classes in this stuff, im a personal trainer and protein is one of the most overinduced of all heres what weve learnded and it might help you out, for a normal average day joe that doesnt work out like the general population your body regirues a minumium of 0.80 grams per kilogram of body weight most pepolehave no problem meeting this requriment without supplementation. for a strength trainer like your friend who body builds the reqiurements are higher at 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for endurance athletes such as us fighters you should be in the range of 1.2-1.6 grams of proteins per kilogram of body weight. most canadians eat 1 to 1and a half time the minmuum reqirement and what happends to all the extra proiten intake?
yep it is wasted and stored as fat and isnt readiy accesible for energy use , good question i hope i could shine some light on the subject Chris ade

I wasn't aware that I should have written a more complete "essay" on what kind of protein is best used after working out. And it's not misinformation either...I've trained w/ and discussed this w/ WSNO and IFBB pro's and I actually work in the sports nutrition industry. What you're giving is basically your opinion (that you should use dextrose after you workout). From what I've experienced (and in my opinion) it's not necessary to use dextrose especially when you're using an isolate protein or using a meal replacement shake after you workout (especially since you're body releases glycogen into your blood stream after your workouts anyways).

In addition to that, I think that you're the one sounding highly misinformed when you state that Muscle Milk will make you fat (b/c it doesn't and wont - I think that FAME competitor Kim from True North Nutrition would beg to differ - girl is cut and she uses it thrice daily!).

You blatantly have a different approach on taking your protein, which is cool...whatever (to each his/her own.) I don't know anyone who uses dextrose to help w/ protein absorption. But there's always someone who does things differently. Oh well! Good luck training, dude.

**EDIT: Chris, I've read/heard the same thing too...

djmisskittie i agress with you about adding dextrose or not adding ....... you heard the same thin about protein adding ? are my numbers on ? would you say these are the ones to go with?

I heard/read that it was 1-2 grams of protein per 1 lb. of body weight (basically for those who weight train). I don't know about the different types of training though (wouldn't it be the same regardless just b/c you're breaking down muscle while working out?)...perhaps you can school me? Where'd you read up on this?