Pull up variations

Sorry if I don't make sense but the bar I pull-up and chin-up is completely straight.Is there any way to add variations to a rugular chinning bar (such as parallel grip or others).Thx in advance

You could try towel chins.

Throw a towel over the bar and grab either end. Great for your grip.

You could grab the bar so one palm is facing left and the other is facing right. You are now perpendicular to the bar instead of parallel. When you pull up, pull head to one side then the other. Think these are called commando pullups.

Here are commando pullups plus other variations from Scrappers site.


You could hang from the bar and elevate your feet so you are parallel to the ground. Then pull your chest up to the bar. Called supine rows, and are good after you are too tired to do anymore regular pushups, because you are pulling up a percentage of your bodyweight.

I like to superset these with pushups.

the towel gripping excercise sounds perfect. Thx alot.

I just came up with this today.. chain-suspended fatman pullups.


looks pretty wicked Ryno. How did it work for you?

It was definitely cool.

I worked 1-2 reps shy of failure w/ my grip pronated, then went 1-2 reps shy supinated, then went to failure w/ my grip neutral. Both my back and biceps were trashed by the time I was done..

You can also do pushups with your hands in the chains..

Haha, I just realized I look like a fatboy in that picture. I really gotta get on the ball.. I hate this injury shit.

Couldn't get the link to work...

Right now I do pullups 2x a week, first day is pullups with about 35 pounds for 8 x 5. Second day is speed pullups for 6 x 3 BW. Pullup as fast as you can without kicking or bouncing, release at the top and then catch as you start to go back down. I follow these with 4 x 6 BB rows.

check out www.Fighter-Fitness.com for pull up variations